Tuesday, April 29, 2008

These Boys...

These boys...

...have seen their parents smoke crack.
...have met innumerable drug dealers.
...could point out every drug house in West Dallas.
...have been threatened by a dealer to cover their mom's debt.
...have slept with their money so no one would take it.
...have lived in their car.
...have lived in a homeless shelter.
...have lived in a motel.
...have lived with three different people in the last three years.
...have pumped gas for tips before school so they would have a place to stay that night.
...have seen two siblings go to jail.
...have helped their daddy collect cans.
...have been evicted and lost everything they had.
...have lost an aunt to AIDS.
...have taken the bus to school at 6:30 a.m. so they wouldn't be tardy.
...have been praised by their teachers and coaches.
...brought home their report cards yesterday; 11 A's, 3 B's, 1 C.
...are making plans for college.
...are breaking the cycle of poverty, despair, hopelessness.
...have a Saviour who restores the years the locust have eaten.


Sarah said...

That brought chills and tears....what an amazing God we serve! And you and your family are amazing for wanting to serve Him in this capacity--I often wonder if I would have the guts. Beautiful picture!

Jen said...

Praise God!!

DidiLyn said...

No words. You said it all.
Praise God for He is faithful!!

emily said...

Tears! Really nothing to say, certainly can't try to be witty. Praise you Lord, thank you for these precious boys, thank you that you have shown them mercy, grace and for loving them so well. Thank you for Trey and Melissa, for their selfless acts of loving these two, for welcoming them into their home as their own and for making a difference in their lives on a daily basis.

Holli said...

WOW! What special boys you have! God will surely use them, their talents and their past!

fully operational battle station said...

Oh my God, this gave me chills. They are incredibly handsome boys, what an amazing story. I can't wait to hear of their successes! And to see the movie made about their lives! Holy crap! I love them already. Give them a hug from me. And send them to Boise so I can watch firsthand what amazing lives they will lead.

Awesome post Mel.


Candy said...

And are being loved so very well with the love of Jesus in the home in which they now live. And have blessed my life in so many ways.
Their adopted "Nanny"

Kim said...

My favorite kind of story! Definitely a Rainy Day Diamond. May I link to you from my blog?

JB said...

Wow...All praise be to the Lord. He works in ways we as individuals could never, ever imagine. He uses us to do His work when we are faithful...The Hill household is very faithful. You guys have helped to plant the seed...How wonderful for you to watch it grow. :) Brings joy to my heart!

Michelle said...

This post gave me shivers--what amazing young men!

Michelle said...

This post gave me shivers--what amazing young men!

These Three Kings said...

wow..this is what it's all about...

Praise GOD for this post.. what a privilege to hear how He is at work


Daisy Girl said...

Wow! What a praise!

Mrs. Troop said...

Praise the Lord.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Pattie & Rob said...

Wow, My heart is full of joy for these two boys. I am so proud of them and I've never even met them.
Such obsticales to over come yet they did it with faith. AMEN!!

Sarah said...

Wow! What an incredible story!

Chrys and Mike said...

precious. amazing. thank you, LORD!


Wonderful World said...

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!!! (I can barely type through tears.) Wow!!!

Jess said...

Time to come out of lurker-dome for me.

I love your blog because of posts like this.

God is using your story and others in this time of my life to shape the direction of my family's life.

I don't know where he is taking our lives yet. . . but I LOVE reading about where he's taken yours!!

Thank you.