Friday, May 23, 2008

Crossing over.

Dea will be a senior next year at Pinkston H.S. and they have a crossover ceremony to celebrate.

We took him to get a suit and it was really great to see him all dressed up. Trey was able to steer him away from the saggin' suit pants and had a great dialog about learning the ability to crossover into lots of different worlds, not just dressing, or living for that matter, for the ghetto.

He looked smashing.

Smashing, but he won't smile for pictures.
He will, however, throw a sign.

But doing it in a suit, standing in front of a Coke machine and holding a candle somehow neutralizes the whole thing.

Thank you Lord, that you have grown this child into a young man who has a vision and hope beyond today.


Kate said...

BIG day...congrats!!! :) And you are right, he does look smashing...I'm sure you are MORE than proud! Have a great weekend! :D

Kim said...

Those pictures are the visualization of my prayer for my students - particularly three young men I had this year. I can't help but tear up with joy for your boy and hope for mine.

Holli said...

what a great ceremony! And he is a handsome guy! - better watch out for the ladies!

O.T.(off topic) Were the lobster eaters putting it on your tab?:)

Avery said...

He looks so good!!

How did the whole poison ivy thing work out for you? I haven't heard you talk about it much, thinking the steroids are doing their job! :)

MissHannah said...

Is that an Armani suit???

What a joyous occasion...I love that kid and the family that loves him...You all make me smile.

emily said...

You know that wasn't Avery but me right? :)

These Three Kings said...

ha! I love it! my kind of guy!!! so proud of him! cant wait to hear more of what the LORD does in his life!!
ahhh, isnt it humbling that LORD would chose us to take part in this wonderful plan he has for our neighborhoods