Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A little interview.

I love being a part of the Family Friendly Blog Network and was recently asked by Lauren to be interviewed for their website.
Flattery will get you everywhere...
You can read about it here.
While you're there, grab a Diet Coke and look around.
There's tons of treasure to be found.
And now, I'm a poet.


Chrys and Mike said...

cute interview!

yes, we are certainly a long way from the theta house. it sure would be nice to walk downstairs to see patsy's smiling face serving up some biscuits and gravy now, wouldn't it??

just thinking about sweet patsy makes me smile.

and, of course, the thought of biscuits and gravy makes me pretty happy, too.

good times.


p.s. okay if i add you to our blogroll?

Kelley said...


I finally figured out my password so I can start responding to your posts! Don't want you to feel insecure about it! (:
I loved reading your interview. I hope you remember your family & friends when you are famous! You are a crack up! I am honored to have you for my sis in law!

I am thinking of joining you soon in blog-land. I am feeling the pressure! Although Joey wants to know what in the world I am going to blog about! I am thinking about it and I'll let ya know!
Love ya,

emily said...

Forgot to tell you earlier how much I enjoyed the interview! Don't go getting a big blogger head, but I am really proud of you.

Oh, don't forget about my finders fee either! :)

Come on Kel, join the crowd! There are some amazing people in the bloggy world. :) You have amazing insight to offer.