Monday, May 26, 2008

Winding Down

I love the end of the school year. Every little bit that points to a long summer sitting by the pool relaxing and having no schedule whatsoever. I love early summer mornings when it's still coolish and everything smells good, like fresh cut grass. I love the way you can put sunscreen on for the first time and the smell immediately takes you back to last summer. I love sandals and shorts to church. (On the kids. Shorts on me would be unfortunate.) I love evening kickball games and slurpees, going for ice cream after dinner and staying up past bedtime.
We're winding down here at casa de long way from the Theta house and momma is happy. We're nearing the end of a fantastic school year and looking forward to a summer full of fun and memories and sleeping late.
Even though May can be more stressful than season 2 of 24, we're excited and had a fantastic time at one of our 65,486 'End of the Year' parties the other night.

Here Trey and I are "working" the bungee run. He worked, I did jaw aerobics.
Secretly, I wanted to take a turn but was afraid the first graders would eat my lunch.

The girls stopped throwing slime in the pond for .5 seconds to take a picture with mom.
This, my friends, is a reminder to use sunscreen every day and avoid tanning beds at all costs.

We're almost there and thrilled.
It's been a crazy couple of weeks and my friend Carrie, in one candid pic., may have expressed many a mom's emotions.


Kate said...

Yay Yay!!! I whole heartedly agree with ya! :) Let's hear it for the SUMMER! Glad y'all are enjoying life...hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day today! :)

Abbie said...

HOORAY FOR SUMMER!! What beautiful pictures ya gorgeous mama! :)

~s said...
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The Kelly Family said...

i love having nowhere to be in the mornings - it is a wonderful feeling! here's to sipping a drink by the sprinkler watching a hundred million kids play!!

emily said...

Has Carrie seen that picture? Hilarious, heard she did an awesome job on the picnic. She deserved a nice adult beverage! :)

Love the pic with the girls!

Holli said...

LOVE SUMMER TOO! but it doesn't really get to warm here and no out door pools....drake also doesn't get out of school till July 23rd.....but will be happy for the days of no schedules!
Heres to the sun tan lotion and lazy mornings!
PS you and your hubby are to cute!

Jana said...

that picture of Carrie is priceless. i love it.