Thursday, June 12, 2008

Off into the blue yonder. In a van.

A few questions arose after my post yesterday and I thought I needed to clear the air. Augustine is our real pet bearded dragon and, though usually in his aquarium, I sometimes find him here.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why no one will eat on my kitchen table.

It's so odd.

And speaking of pets, they make going out of town for any vacation a little harder. We're leaving in the morning and have a sweet friend staying at our house to make sure the pets 1. don't eat the furniture and 2. don't eat each other.

Scout can open our doors so sometimes, if the doors are unlocked, she and Fern will escape for a little jaunt or she'll open the door to the pantry and have herself a little snack. Two days ago she and Fern ate a whole bag of Doritos while we were gone. I'm pretty sure she'd go far in the Westminster Kennel Club.

We're headed to Aspen and it's our hands-down favorite place to vacation. We have some friends with a house there that they graciously let us use each summer as long as we promise not to bring with us the heat, mesquitos, or any of our pets.

Not a problem.

This is a picture of the kids from last year.

Notice Sadie's haircut. I walked into the bathroom weeks before our trip to find her leaning over the trash can happily snipping away. From now on, we leave that to the professionals don't we Sadie?
Growing up we went to Nebraska every summer to spend a couple of weeks with my grandparents. I dreaded the drive but my parents loved it. (I have vague memories of sleeping in the back window of the car which I'm sure was super safe traveling about 70 mph.) Now, though, I totally get it. It's precious time with my family all in one place without all the distractions. Ok, we now have videos and Mp3 players, but otherwise, it's totally the same. There's a little part of me that thinks the drive is like having a baby. The payoff is so great, you forget how bad the labor was.

Dea and Darius are coming along so instead of taking the Suburban, we have to, I mean, get to take a 15 passenger van. Whoohoo. We have oficially crossed over into uncool and again, this is part of my sanctification. My sister in law told me we could probably park in the bus parking lot in town, right next to the tour buses from Grand Island.
Thanks, Em, that's helpful.

I'm sure we'll have some good stories from the trip. I'll keep you posted.

Ya'll have a great weekend.


Kate said...

Oh GOOD for y'all!!! So glad you are getting away, I'm sure all the stories will be in posts for weeks to come! Relax and rejuvenate yourselves...God bless!!

Susan said...

We're pulling out at the crack too...I'll have the girls on the lookout for a very cool van on the highway. We can't wait to hook up with you guys for some rocky mountain fun...or a yummy Woody Creek Tavern burger! Drive safely and we'll see you there! Hope you saved up $1000 for gas! :(

Holli said...

SO MUCH FUN! I love CO. If I could I would move there.....maybe I will!:) Enjoy the labor I mean drive!