Saturday, June 14, 2008

On the hunt

The first morning of our vacation in Aspen several years ago, the kids found a big snake curled up sunning itself on the stone steps off the back balcony. They quickly named him Freddie and held him every chance they could. We had heard that there were no poisonous snakes at this elevation so we weren't worried about the kids snake hunting every afternoon. If you know any different, now would be a good time to tell me because the kids are at it again.
This morning, we found another big guy at the foot of the steps. Tee quickly grabbed him and he spent the balance of the morning being passed from child to child. I'd show you pictures but we have no internet access at the house.
I'll have to put them up when we get back.
Speaking of hunting, the Annual Food and Wine Classic is in Aspen this weekend and since Trey and I are big fans of the show Top Chef, we're on the hunt for famous chefs. This afternoon, we saw the winners from previous seasons hanging out by the park. Loved it but I'm holding out for Rocco DeSpirito and Trey wants to see Tom Colocio only because he thinks Padma might be close by.
He likes her cooking. Right Trey?
Dea and Darius are on the hunt for a basketball court. Hopefully, we'll find one soon, before they start to go through some serious hoop withdrawl.
Off for now!


Happy Mommy said...

Okay...seriously...I have no idea how you do the snake thing...I can embrace the ideas of cats and dogs, I can go along w/ the iguana..but I'm just not strong enough for wild snakes!!! I'm glad y'all are having fun in Colorado.

MissHannah said...

Miss you...Maybe you can find a lizard family while you are there. Augustine's been black black black since you left, I think he wants someone to snuggle with him!!!

Love you all.