Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Say that three times fast

Trey took the kids white water river rafting the other day and they had a great time. We had some pushback from the oldest boys who weren't quite sure they wanted to partake in the adventure on the river. With some coaxing and maybe a little guilt, they finally got on the bus and it turned out to be a fantastic time.
Sadie was too young to go so I stayed back and took that little booger horseback riding. The deal was that she would sit on the horse and I would lead it on a little trail. Let's just say that horse quickly learned who was in charge and it definitely wasn't me. She ate grass every three steps and stepped on my foot more than once while I was trying to gain some sort of control over not a pony but a very large beast. Just a fashion tip; white shorts are not a good choice when taking your daughter on a ride with a giant and most stubborn horse.
One of the fun things about coming up here is that we usually get to spend time with friends from Dallas who are here vacationing, too. Monday night we went to the Orlie's for burgers. My kids had a blast with theirs, especially throwing mud and sludge into their pond with their friends. Love going to friends' houses for dinner where you have to do a load of laundry before you can get back in the car. Praise the Lord for patient friends and Oxy Clean.
Hope you're having a great week!

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Candy said...

Horses are stubborn beasts, for sure and they sure can sense opportunity for control. Guess they are a lot like us humans!
Can't wait to hear all about the trip.
Oh! You should also not wear white when taking a giant Lab to the park after a rainstorm!