Friday, July 11, 2008

Describe that Shopper

You know after 13 years of marriage, we're still lovin' almost every minute of it. By almost, I mean except for the times when I try and get his opinion on a "fun top and pair of jeans combo" and he sighs helplessly and then tries to get my opinion on a "rod and reel combo" and I have to act helpless because I totally read BassMaster Magazine. Who doesn't?

We've found a fun game that makes us laugh and hence, continue to like each other.

It's called, "Describe that Shopper."

One of us will call after witnessing someone doing something and the other will have to try and describe what they look like.

Here are a few recent examples;

"Melissa, I'm standing behind someone at the Exxon Tiger Mart. It's 8:45 in the morning and this individual is purchasing a chili cheese dog, a 32 oz icee, a Hershey Bar, and four $5 scratch-offs. Describe that Shopper!!!"

Here's another.

"Trey, I just saw someone buy four boxes of flavor-ice popsicles, one jar of Gerber Turkey and Rice baby food, and a drinkable yogurt. Describe that Shopper!!"

Last night, I became that shopper.

It was 10:30 and I was standing in line at the Wal-Mart with a gift bag, a party in a bag decoration kit, and a package of Ramen Noodles. Nice combo.

You see, today is Darius' 15th birthday and some years back Trey insisted that we decorate the house on everyone's birthday. So last night, while he was recovering from camp with the aide of his pillow, I made a last minute run to the store for decorations and picked Dea up his favorite gourmet cuisine while I was at it.

Happy Birthday Darius! We love you! Thanks for having a birthday and turning me into a victim of my own game.


Mrs. Troop said...

I do the same thing! :-)
Makes standing in the checkout line with a billion kids pulling on me somewhat entertaining.
Happy Friday!

Candy said...

Loved the two most recent blogs. So sorry about the AC and wish I could transport all of you back to Aspen where the high is around 80!
Give Darius a belated birthday hug for me!!
I can describe all those shoppers!!

Traci Anne said...

Happy birthday, Darius! Also, that game sounds awesome - especially in Dallas :)

Jess said...

Happy Birthday Darius!!

Chrys and Mike said...

really cute. happy birthday, darius!

you should have been behind me at the grocery store on monday when i took my kids out for an early morning booze run. yep, my kids were in the jogger as i made my wine purchase. i doubt the customers in line behind me were guessing it was for a pot roast recipe. it was. really!


Jess said...

Hello...I was sent here by Sammy.. she told me that you had a great blog and that I should read yours.
I really enjoyed the visit.
Just daying hello and I will definately be back!

Daisy Girl said...

Happy Birthday Darius from Georgia!

Pattie & Rob said...

Happy Birthday Darius!! And what a handsome boy, great picture of him.
I love your game and will have to start paying more attention to what people are buying, since it seems I am ALWAYS stuck in the 1 hour express lane!!! This game will help pass the time in the long lines. Why is it, that Walmart will build 20 or so check out lanes but NEVER have more than 3 or 4 open at once...why I ask?????

emily said...

Happy Birthday Darius!!! I can't wait to hear about camp.

Lisa said...

Reading your blog from Music City! I love keeping up with your life on here and I wish I could have gotten one last hug from you before we left. If you are ever in Nashville, please call. How about we play, describe that swimmer.....cute blonde pushing a stroller with 3 other kids in tow.....wearing sunglasses, and fashionable cover up, flashing a beautiful grin.......that's right I ran into Kitsie at the pool last week! So fun!

Keep in touch.

Lisa Harrison

Sarah said...

What a great game! I will have to try it--only with my sister. My hubby probably wouldn't get it. We just like to compare people with movie characters....that is also fun. :-)

Such a great picture of Darius. He is one handsome kid. Hope your decorating when well!