Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fantasy vs. Reality

Trey took about 90 kids to Kids Across America this week so we've been winging it on our own. I can write this now because he's on his way back, so none of you crazy stalkers will come knock on my door. Especially you, and you.

Oh, I kid.

The first night Trey was gone, the kids built forts in the playroom. Their intention was to sleep in them every night until Daddy came home.

Because I'm a fun-loving mom who cares nothing for a clean house. Deep breath, Melissa. Deep breath. I said, ok.

Here's what our playroom has looked like all week.

Do you think they really slept there all night?

Hmmm. Not so much.

Here's what my bedroom looked like all week.

Four times every night, I heard, "Mama, can I fnuggle wif you?

Just to be clear, Dea did not want to fnuggle but instead, stay up all night and watch scary movies downstairs. I just kept hearing him yell at the t.v., "DON'T GO IN THERE! HE'S WAITING FOR YOU! HE'S RIGHT BEHIND THE DOOR!!!"

Oh, and we've had ice cream for breakfast twice.

How do you like that?


Daisy Girl said...

Yeah, I kinda know how that feels. We are stuck in a hotel room today and tomorrow and I'm just a little more lenient than I would be other wise. And the fort idea sounds great! I may have to try that. We've still got another day and a half to go!

emily said...

Hey, my girls are still talking about the forts!! They had a great time, so glad that I could add to your full plate this week! :)

Chrys and Mike said...

Ahhhhh...KAA. That is seriously one of my favorite places in the entire world. AMAZING. I hope they had an incredible trip. What a blast.

Your house looks pretty fun, too. :)


Pattie & Rob said...

Adorable!!! I remember making those same kind of forts when I was a kid...great fun!!!

Abbie said...

WHAT?! I wouldn't have stalked you. Well, I mean, not that you would have known anyway...MUWAHAHAHAH

Yumm...Icecream for breakfast...not a bad idea...hmm...

Jess said...

Man, you are a good mom.

And now I don't feel so guilty for eating ice cream for breakfast by myself. I thought I was going to have to stop that once Jadon noticed. ;)

Kate said...

who ME???!!!! i know where you live...ok, not really nope not a clue. but i think it would be wicked fun to hang out....ha haa! you're hilarious!!! :D ice cream for breakfast, i'm totally there....and YOU want to live with ME??!! :D ha! girlfriend, have a rockin weekend!!