Thursday, July 17, 2008

people, it's been a long week

And I really wish I had more to tell you. Sometimes I, as we all do, can find myself at the end of a Thursday night trying to figure out where the week has gone, why am I posting from my Blackberry, and why do I have another dog in the house?

Re entry from camp was a little hard for Trey, especially when he got home and remembered we had 6 kids and 5 pets and no air conditioning again. It took a few mornings of "reacclimation", otherwise known as parenting to make him appreciate the time off but also desire more order than we've had lately. I thought we should start with the flower beds but that wasn't really the kind of order he meant.
Perhaps we need an "open/closed" sign for the front door so the neighborhood would know when they could drop by for a snack, a drink of water, or both. Personally, I think we definitely need a system but am not super keen on my house looking like a storefront. Any suggestions?

With the help of Mercy Street's Work Crew (which will be a later post), we were also able to reclaim our flower beds from the weeds of death. In the process, our phone line was cut which left me without phone or internet. The beds look great and speed-typing with my thumbs on my Blackberry may be a hidden talent of mine. Jealous?

Yeah, probably not.

Our dear friends are in the process of listing their house and needed a place for their chocolate lab puppy to stay temporarily. We're using that word very, very loosley.

Why? Why? Why would I bring a chocolate lab puppy home to my husband the lab-lover? WHY? Trey is smitten and so is Darius for that matter. He literally climbed in my lap the other day saying, "Can we keep him?". I was a little disturbed when Trey did the same thing.

"What's one more, baby?", he said.

My sanity? Does he only call me "baby" when he wants a lab puppy? I'm going to have to pay more attention to that one.


Chrys and Mike said...

ha! i first read his comment without the comma: "what's one more baby?"

b/c that's what a puppy is like, you know. another baby.


Candy said...

You needed to post another blog, so I'm thankful for this. However, I wish I could be the self-sacrificing mother in law I should be and say: "Oh, Buddy really needs a baby brother and Dutch can visit anytime you want!" However, I'm not sure I could survive another Lab puppy. Not sure you can either!
Love you!