Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camp and other fun stuff.

Well slap me and call me Francis, I got a new look. Karen over at Simply Amusing Designs hooked me up and I love it. Trey was falling asleep every time he looked at my blog so he thought it was high-time for a change.

Head on over and check her out but know she can transform the heck out of a blog but cannot make your thighs thinner or rid you of gray hair. I've already asked.

On another note, we're back from Pine Cove Outback and oh, mercy, mercy me what a week it was. I did not grow up going to camp and knew not the finer points of summer camp. This was evidenced by the fact that I packed hairspray. Trey was a lifelong summer camper so, aside from toiletries, I took his advice when it came to packing everything else. I forgot he was a boy. He told me I would only need one towel the whole time and the kids could just take sleeping bags. Without sheets or anything.

Oh, really?

It was so comfortable for the kids that three out of the six nights, I had two children in bed with me under my down blanket and clean sheet.

It was a twin bed and getting up in the morning has never been more interesting.

Being with all the Mercy Street kids was amazing and so challenging all at the same time. I watched child after child conquer fears and inhibitions on the zip line, power pole, and iceberg. To see the looks on their faces was absolutely priceless and the victories they felt succeeding at something they never thought they would have the opportunity to try was incredible.

They bonded with precious counselors who told us over and over they had looked forward to this week all summer.

We also dealt with discipline issues that were incredibly humbling. The anger stored up in the hearts of some of these kids manifests itself in ways that are unpredictable and illogical. One minute a child would be having the time of their lives and the next they were calling their counselors or us every name in the book and not the good one. We were all brought to our knees before the foot of the Cross daily in search of patience and wisdom beyond our years. I do know hearts were changed whether the Lord fully captured them this week or simply planted seeds that we now have the opportunity to water all year long. It was a time to get out of the "noise" of the city and come face to face in so many ways with what and who we are building our identity upon.

Our prayer now is to finish the race set before us and to take even more kids again next year to experience the love and mercy of Christ falling over them like a sweet spring rain.


Colored With Memories said...

Shame on Trey! What do boys know about camp!?! HA!

Sounds like it was a week of growing for everyone. I'm sure many seeds were planted and it will be fun to watch them sprout in the weeks and years ahead.

Love your new look! Very sassy!

Pattie and Rob said...

Love the new blog look!! Sounds like camp was cozy and amazing, what a wonderful thing for all the mercy street kids you help.

Kori said...

The new look is awesome.

Sounds like your week was awesome and awe inspiring.

Avery said...

Well look at you!! Love the new look. Missed you this week. Hey, I'm leaving for Ethiopia in 4 days, yes 4 days. Can you believe it?!! Sorry to turn this comment away from you and make it about me:)

Are you so happy for the Newsomes? Amazing. I get to hold them! Again....bringing it back to me. I know.

Ok- love you, glad you are back and seriously dig the new do.

emily said...

Ok, my sweet Ave didn't write that comment, her selfish mom did. Not my sweet baby. She would though tell you that we are leaving in 4 days to get her baby brother- she is pumped that way!!

Abbie said...

OOH! Look at your chic new page, you sassy little thang, you!!

Love it!

SO glad this week was such a heart hugging time for you guys. SO awesome!

The Kelly Family said...

Hey! the blog looks great!
I missed out on actually going to the camp this year (our boys are still too young), but my husband said the EXACT same things about their experience this summer after a week in North Carolina. I just LOVE it. I can't wait to go one year! I will be praying for you all as a new school year starts back up.

Kate said...

AWESOME!!!!! LOVE the new cute and so you! :) Very cool...I'm sure you can't wait to see some new little sprouts shooting up in the near future...

daisy said...

Love the new look, Melissa!

Your description of camp makes me want to go, too, and I don't even like to camp. Ha!

It sounds like you get as much out of it as the kids do. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your perspective.

Jess said...

Oh it is so amazing to hear of your time at camp!! I miss working with teenagers and going to camp so much!

God is using you in TREMENDOUS ways!!!!

Love the new look to the blog too. I hope some one comes here thinking that you like to shop for shoes, and discover what you are really about! ;)

I am excited for you to be in heaven and see Jesus' perspective of what happened last week! Way to be the hands and feet of Christ!

Kelley said...

Woo hoo!!! Love the new blog! I like the header! When I first logged in I did a double take and thought I had gone to the wrong site. I like it!!

So glad camp was great! Glad Olivia got saved! Really glad Trey is ok after the fire incident! I am catching up with you through your blog! Shameful.

We'll talk before we leave for Africa for sure!!

missy said...

i randomly found your blog. i was roped in by the title being a theta alum. turns out as i read it that we have quite a bit in common as garrett and mindy are dear friends of ours. it will be fun to follow your life and ministry through your blog.

Jennifer said...

I am LOVING your new blog look!

It sounds like camp was a success. I can't wait to hear about these children that grow in Christ over the years to come.

Lori Leigh said...

Oh my heavens! We finally got moved in and I finally have internet access and I come back and you have a whole new look! I love it! Wow! I mean, I seriously love it!