Sunday, August 3, 2008


Mercy Street and other ministry partners hosted a Christian hip-hop concert last night in the hood featuring Lacrea, The 116 Clique, and Trip Lee.

Now, normally, I'm a fan of hip-hop but can be somewhat turned off by the lyrics. They tend to be slightly derogatory in nature toward women and sometimes use language that can be deemed unacceptable in certain social circles.

Hey! Have I mentioned I'm running for President of the Understatement Society of America? How am I doing so far?

These guys are the furthest from their secular counterparts. They are devout followers of Christ and sing about their experiences and love of the Lord, and really speak from the heart to their audience.

Here's what Lacrea says about his call.

"In the world of Hip-Hop, representing SOMETHING is mandatory. Some represent their block, some their money and privilege, and others their knowledge and culture. Without diverting from the standard of representing something, Lecrae's goal is represent Christ and a holy culture. Instead of forsaking his urban roots and flavor, he uses them to put Christ and the Bible in a light that rap fans can understand. The aim is to digest theology and spit it back out so the streets can grasp it."

I've been a big fan for a while and was a little giddy about the opportunity to meet them.

So were my kids. Here they are with Lacrea.

Here they are with Trip Lee.

Graham enjoyed his snowcone. So did Sadie.

The event brought out the neighborhood. Young and old.

And more volunteers that we could have hoped for, especially since we had record highs of 106.

Now, let's be really honest here. I probably took about 125 pictures. Why so many? Is it because there were that many fantastic photo ops. or, was it because that's what a 36 year old white mother of four does at a hip hop concert when she has no rhythm?

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! People, we have a winner!


Jess said...

That sounds incredible! WOW, you guys are making an impact!

Daisy Girl said...

That really sounds neat! Thanks for sharing! And you really are so amusing!

happygeek said...

That looks like a great concert. Glad it turned out so well!
When I taught in Dallas one of my students asked if I couldn't dance because I was white or because I was Canadian. "A little of both sweetie, a little of both."

Holli said...

so fun! gotta love snow cones - and really you are not enjoying them unless you look like sadie at the end:)!
may God bless those that came and for those you put it on!:)

Holli said...

ps love the picture of the whole gang!

Kori said...

It's amazing how Christ works in bringing everyone together for a night to worship him.

Colored With Memories said...

I would have been using the camera excuse too! Jerry said it turned out really well...we chose to avoid the heat and stay home...another excuse a non dancing momma can use!

These Three Kings said...

oooooooooo, you know I am jealous!!
tho my husband and I load up the ministry van with kiddies from our hood and try to make every concert in our reach, I still wish I was there with you! I love those guys! What fun! how did the young guys staying with you enjoy the concert??? rhythm?? I am so sure hood mama can get jiggy with the best of them :)

Ellen said...

I definitely fit the lack-of-rhythm catagory! I went to the Mercy Me concert at the Ranger game the other night and felt like such a nerd trying to clap in rhythm... I'm such a homeschooler. :)

emily said...

You know you got your groove on!!! Sorry we missed it!

Sarah said...

I never pictured you a hip-hop fan. :-) Glad you had a "cover" for your white girl moves......

That is so great that so many came out from the community!!!

Leonore said...

Melissa - There is a great long interview with Lacrea on the web site for Mars Hill Church in Seattle (it's the forth video on their web sites main home page). I'd not even known his name if not for your blog. What a blessing his is and I pray his works bear much fruit. Love your blog btw. You have such a great sense of humor! We are living in Munich now, but were at PCPC together a few years back. Keep up the good work!