Saturday, August 9, 2008

Never a dull moment.

Mercy Street hosted a soccer clinic this week for the kids in the community and we had about 120 children come out for some great coaching and fellowship.

Yesterday, they closed up the clinic with a cookout. It's become kind of tradition to wrap up just about any event with some food. Burgers to be exact. Mercy Street has a large event grill and yesterday a partner church brought their's out as well. Trey was manning the thing when a propane hose came off shooting pressurized propane out which then caught fire and enveloped Trey in a 10 foot explosion. Trey said it happened so fast and he dropped and rolled just like they'd taught him on Sesame Street.

By the grace of God, he wasn't seriously hurt but he drove himself to the emergency room to get checked out. Trey is not a fan of doctors or ointments for that matter so when I learned he had gone to the ER, I knew he must be in some kind of pain. What he ended up with was first degree burns on his arm and face which is now pretty swollen and blistering but a far cry from how bad it could have been.

After I knew he was fine and his spirits were good, I told him he smelled like BBQ and am going to call him 'Head Wound Harry' for a while just for fun. It seems, for a week or so, I may for once be the cute one in our relationship. He had to be burned for me to supplant him as resident cute spouse, so it's a little bittersweet.

Ok, seriously, for the second time this summer, the Lord has used fire to teach us about His care and protection. I've been reading a book that speaks to the fact that our practical theology, or the way we live day to day, often contradicts what say we believe on Sunday mornings. Thankfully, though our faith sometimes waivers, the Lord's faithfulness is unshakable and constant. And sometimes, because of His great mercy, we get a glimpse of the restraining hand of God holding disaster at bay for our good and His glory.


Momma Mary said...

Praise God that he wasn't more seriously injured!!! I will pray for speedy healing.

Zan said...

Boy, your kids are going to need extra time for the "what did you do this summer?" speech when school starts!
So glad to hear he is OK.


Susan said...

So, so thankful that it wasn't worse than it was...Michael doesn't need any compadres who've also visited the inside of the Parkland burn unit...we can tell anyone what it looks like if they are really wanting to know.

happygeek said...

So glad that no one was seriously hurt.

Colored With Memories said...

Wow, I hope he's okay!

I'll be staying tuned for the next and final fire event with y'all. You know theses things happen in threes!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad he's ok!

Kate said...

giving thanks with you for God's protection!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

I'm glad he was paying attention to Big Bird and Elmo. :-) And praise God that he was not seriously injured. That may have just been another example to your community of God's faithfulness to your family!

You will have to let me know when you run the clinic next year. My hubby is a soccer coach and I have always wanted to visit Dallas..... :-)