Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Confession #2.

My memory has again, failed me.

Back in the day, when I was attending my senior prom...

...apparently, I actually did wear long white satin gloves.

I'm pretty sure, in 1990, there was no such thing as over-the-top.

Now, go read this and this and PLEASE pray for my nephew Abe. Many of you have walked with the Alexander family through the miracle of adoption and, although Abe is home and immeasurably loved, it seems the journey continues.

We worship a God who, above all, loves us beyond comprehension. He calls us to fear not, and upholds us with his righteous right hand. He will be glorified, and He is good.

"He who did not spare His only Son, but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also with Him graciously give us all things?"

We do not know what those "all things" look like, but, we pray with sure hope in the promise that they will be for our good and His glory. Amen.

And, yes, I did totally change the subject. How can you make fun of my prom picture in light of sweet Abe without looking totally insensitive?

I know. You can't. I did that on purpose.


hannahgarippa said...

You look you.

emily said...

oh my, that picture makes me happy!!!

Thanks for loving our boy so well. Tell Grahamy to keep praying.

These Three Kings said...

clearly you did that on purpose..
I am praying for sweet Abe!

thanks you for all the encouragement you leave for me to read! I am just as excited about the LORDS work in your hood!

love you!!

Jill said...

We have been praying for Abe, his pic on his momma's blog is precious. Oh, I do loooove the "do" and the gloves, but seeing the 110 camera clutched in your hand brought back memories, and made me smile.

Paul and DeeDee said...

aahh this blog gets better and better every day. We are praying for sweet Abe:)

Colored With Memories said...

and i clicked over here thinking you had joined myspace too.

going over to abe's page now.

Mrs. Troop said...

Love the picture.
Praying. . .

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Um, does that kid have a garter on his arm?!

Holli said...

I think I can still make fun! but won't!:)

WE ARE PRAYING! He is a LOVED boy all around!

Tracy said...

I am praying for little Abe and his family.

I love the prom picture, it is adorable!

Hauswife said...

Oh my gosh, the photos are awesome! Just be grateful you didn't get married in 1990 like we did. Needless to say my getup is just a weensy bit over the top and now I have to live with that photo forever... :S

Yes, praying for Abey boy... Love that little guy!