Thursday, October 2, 2008

How I know fall is here.

Or, another title for this post might be "How I drive our family into financial ruin."

Hi. My name's Melissa and I'm a bargain hunter.

Hello, Melissa.

As much as I talk about shopping at Nordstroms, I rarely shop anywhere but Target and Old Navy, and maybe Forever 31. That's not a typo, it's my way of convincing myself that I haven't completely aged past that store with all its cheapness.

I think my buying habits changed when it became important that a store have shopping carts for all my children. If it had the kind with the little car attached, even better. It also may have something to do with the whole 'being in ministry' thing. It's not exactly the highest paying industry out there and our people wouldn't exactly appreciate Nanette Lepore.

Every fall, though, I lose sight of myself, our budget, Dave Ramsay, and a little bit of wisdom, and buy these.

This is the most delicious apple ever, ever, EVER. It's called a Honeycrisp and it's sour and sweet and crunchy and they're only available for a couple of months each fall. It's a miracle of nature that exists for a brief period. It's like the Aurora Borealis. At least that's in Texas. If you tell me you can get them year-round I may die of jealousy. And if you tell me you have a Honeycrisp apple tree growing in your backyard, well, just don't.

Because they're only around for a short time, the market is apparently very high for these babies because they cost about $2.50. A piece. Don't you love capitalism?

But, despite my husband's objections to the price, we love them and it's like a little fun thing to look forward to each fall. We don't buy shoes and we ride our bikes everywhere to save on gas but we eat the fire out of these apples.

So, I don't have a recipe this week because cooking these might be sacrilege. They're best just sliced and eaten in a dark corner where no one can find you so you don't have to share.

I'm pretty sure, when all is said and done, we're going to find out this is the fruit Eve ate in the garden. It might explain a little.



Henley on the Horn said...

I am going to look for these wonderful apples!! I hate that they are so expensive though! That is crazy. Have you seen the apple peelers at the state fair? We bought one & you put an apple on it, crank away, and have these cool spirals of apple slices to enjoy. You wouldn't be able to do this hidden in a corner, but it sure is fun!

Courtney said...

Hello, you don't know me... but I found your blog through links on other blogs and I love following it. I'm also in the Dallas area and thought I'd let you know, from one person who also lives on a budget thanks to Dave Ramsey and loves Honeycrisp apples to another, that they are on sale right now at Tom Thumb for $1.99 a pound! Wahoo!

jay n tricia said...

Melissa, I ate a Honeycrisp this morning while driving into work. They are almost *too* much... but I love them dearly.

-- Jay

emily said...

Oh my kids will be sooo happy! They love them some good ole honeycrisp!

Off to Tom Thumb thanks to Courtney.

Mrs. Troop said...

Yum, Yum!
Now I'm drooling, thank you very much. And I can indulge in THAT treat without coming off my diet! Yeah!

Lori Leigh said...

What store do you buy those at because I'M IN TEXAS!!!! :)

Oh, wait, I just read the other comments.

Tom Thumb huh?

I've got to find one of those!

Janell said...

I have to agree...they are possibly the forbidden fruit. :) Yum, yum, yum. My absolute favorite!

Susan said...

Mmmm...the price is worse at Whole Foods. I just happen to have a little list for ol' Tom Thumb so that I can make dinner so I'll make a run through the fruit section. I ate way too many of those last year while I was doing a short work project in Dallas 3 days a week...I think all of my pay went to my Honeycrisp habit!

Lori Leigh said...

Melissa (or anyone else in the Dallas area ~ are there any good pumpkin patch places around here?

Anonymous said...

Boy howdy, are you ever right! I discovered this amazing apple last year and right now, my house is filled with them. Well, not literally, but close. Best. Apple. Ever.

Ellen said...

Those Honeycrisps are my FAVORITE! We used to get them at the Dallas Farmers Market and they used to cost a lot less... But boy, the taste is worth it!

About pumpkin patches: You might want to check out Mainstay Farm (in Ft. Worth. or Lowes Farm (in Arlington. Small, but quaint). :)

Holli said...

I can't stop laughing... love the comment on Forever 31!

MacNicol Clan said...

Oh Melissa this makes me homesick for Central Market. While we can find lovely apples in Scotland, none compare to the Honeycrisp. Boy do I miss them!!! Enjoy one for the Nicols.

Kelley said...

You're like Kramer and his Mackinaw Peaches! "It's like having a circus in your mouth, Jerry!"

Tracey said...

Mmmm....I am going to see if my supermarket has these. I doubt it, though.
I am thinking that these might even be good dipped in carmel, rolled in nuts, and even a side of chocolate.
I know, I just threw all the "healthiness" out the window.

Hauswife said...

Yep, they are the best! How 'bout THEM apples!

Kristi (Boyd) Goldenberg said...

hands down the best apple. they are more like dessert. i often think of your comment several years ago about how all the children in neighborhood would come over and each wanted their own apple and it was breaking the bank.

Susanne said...

I LOVE those too! I found them at our HEB yesterday and had to buy some. Yummmmmmm.