Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I don't think it means what you think it means.

Out of her sincere love for me and my marriage, or guilt for getting me started on a home improvement project that was way out of my league, my friend Jennifer kept our kids Friday night so Trey and I could have a whole 24 hours alone.

On our way out for the afternoon, we dropped Dea off at work. He sweetly asked what we were going to do all night.

I told him we were going to meet up wit our crew and hit the clubs.

He started laughing so I, again, not knowing when to quit, kept on, "We gonna stay up all night rollin' from club to club in our tight suburban with the 16" rims and I'm gonna get my freak on."

Crickets chirping.

Then Trey and Dea look at each other and burst out laughing.

"MaMelissa, do you know what 'get your freak on' means?"

"Totally. It means to dance. Duh."

Trey was still laughing.

"No. Not exactly. Mr. Trey, you can wait until I get out of the car to tell her what it means."

I think I'm asking for a ghetto slang dictionary for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Yikes. I had to google that. Yes, I think you need that dictionary.

Kori said...

That is hilarious! So glad you and the hubs got to have a night for the two of you.

Henley on the Horn said...

So funNY! I agree... I thought it had to do with dancing. I went to, and you are partly right, though the other meaning is really funny!!!

emily said...

Was he blushing?

Colored With Memories said...

and to think y'all have four children. hopefully he didn't ask for an account the next day.

Holli said...

I need to find a friend to give me a project feel guilty and then take my kids.....what was your friends name? tell her she can come to England for free but we would need more the 24 hours! (not necessarily that whole time to get our freak on :)) I couldn't help myself!

daughter of the King said...

I have got to tell you about the slang flashcards my husband bought for us. We use them during presentations at churches to show them the foreign language we had to learn when we started working with inner city Asians. They are hysterical and I learned a few things along the way too. The website is Click on goods and then flashcards and you will see them listed at the bottom. It is a great gift idea!

happygeek said...

I laughed so hard I almost cried.
I LOVE that he was going to let Trey explain it to you once he was out of the car.

Kate said...

Toootally roooolling on the floor laughing my tail off!!!!!!!! :D That made my night!!! You're a hoot!!!! :D

hrgarippa said...

I really thought that "getting your freak on" could mean dancing.

I guess I need to stop talking about all the times I "got my freak on" in high school...I wonder what these kids think of me...I swear I was just dancing.

Bill said...

Went to the knockknock website and if you had those flashcards you'd know what "freak" meant. It is actually one of the featured cards in the ad! Love Dea's diplomacy AND that Trey knew what it meant.
Oh my! Something new every day!

chrys said...


my junior high students made mike a ghetto dictionary the semester we started dating. it was a big hit. they loved that he was a total computer geek and they could teach him a little somethin' he didn't know.


Casey said...

Ha ha ha ha! I think I almost peed my pants! So funny!

I tried to teach my mom to say hoochie one time. She was teaching junior high at a private school. She attempted to say it in class one day, but she said coochie instead. BIG difference.

You gotta know your slang terms!

Jennifer said...

Ha! Oh, how I miss the slang in the U.S. I bet those guys are still laughing!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Too funny. I linked to your blog today. Hope that is OK.

Sarah said...

Oh, you did NOT say that!!!!!

And please spare us the details if you did "get your freak on"..... :-)

raleighdallasgirl said...

I LOVE your blog! I read this out loud to my husband I was laughing so hard!!!

60 toes said...

I am laughing so hard at this.

Gwen Lipetska told me about your blog and told me I would enjoy it, and I do!

The funny thing is... I was reading your posts and thought that your husband's name sounded familiar. Well, after I saw Emily I knew. I went to school and church with Emily a LONG time ago. We even had a Bible Study at her house in the guest house on their back yard. I think they lived on Beverly.
I know Gwen through the Navy our husband's both were pilots together in OKC.

I am sure I will be back to visit your blog. Your life sounds a lot like mine. :)