Friday, October 31, 2008

It's been a long week.

In an effort to take up enough space to move my prom picture down on the screen, this is going to be a really long post.


Super long.

It's going to be hard because I don't have any good ideas.

I wish there was a way to increase the spacing so it would appear longer. Kind of like I did on all college papers.

My lack something intelligent to say may have something to do with the week we've had; and that you can buy large bags of little boxes of Milk Duds to give out for Halloween. I have two left - little boxes,not bags - so I hope we don't have a lot of trick-or-treaters.

I may have to resort to handing out packets of ketchup. Whenever I'm at McDonald's or Chick Fila, I take a couple of extra so I can put them in my kids lunches with their chicken nuggets. I have 1.48 million packets. It's not stealing because we never use our ketchup packet allotment when we're in the restaurant. There is an allotment, right?

If not, could you wait until a less stressful time to tell me I've been unknowingly stealing from McDonald's and Chick-Fila for the past couple of years? Maybe in 2011.

We didn't hear what we'd hoped from Abe's Neurologist the other day and the news has been a blow. Although we know in our heads that we are promised only what is His very best and our ways are truly not His ways, we still, in our flesh, have expectations of what our lives, and those of our children will look like. Laying those expectations aside is painful and requires us to come once again before the throne of grace where His strength is made perfect in weakness.

We love this child, this family, and pray that the Lord will equip all of us to be the hands and feet of Christ in their lives.

Ya'll have a great Halloween weekend.

Hopefully this is long enough to push my prom picture off of your screen...


What about now?...

...yeah, I think we're good.



Paul and DeeDee said...

it would be long enough if I hadn't already saved it as my desktop background...... :)

Candy said...

Not quite long enough as I can still see the top of your "big hair". We are all learning the words to "Be Still My Soul" by heart.
Love you,

Detra said...

Abe is so blessed to have you as his aunt. Our family is praying for all of you. I love Psalm 121 - For our help indeed comes from our Father above! God's blessings to you all~

Sarah said...

It was a very creative effort.....but I have that post saved in a special place on my computer, for a rainy day and the need for laughter.

No, I cannot mock. At least you went to closest encounter to anything like that was the church Christmas banquet. :-)

S. said...

You know, God is so much bigger than any diagnosis and . I am holding your entire family and sweet Abe in my prayers.