Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm pretty sure Mary Poppins wasn't a Kappa Kappa Gamma either.

The women of Kappa Kappa Gamma have a wonderful, annual, charity event in Dallas called Kappa Tablescapes. Various designers, boutiques, and businesses submit tables, amazingly decorated, and ranging from the most elegant to the most whimsical. Several non-profit organizations are chosen each year as beneficiaries of the event and, this year, Mercy Street was one of those.

There are two main events associated with Tablescapes; a cocktail party which Trey and I attended last night, and a luncheon this morning attended by me and my very special date, Sadie. She's pretty fun at luncheons. She was asleep on my lap two minutes into the speaker's presentation and, at lunch, thanks to Hannah, we were probably the only table that put the whole "everything on your plate is edible" theory to the test and ate the flower garnish. Sadie's eyes were as big as saucers when she saw Hannah down that sucker. It's behavior like this that most likely got me cut from Kappa during rush way back in 1990. That or my grades. It was one of the two. Maybe both.

After lunch I received a phone call from my friend, Carrie. You remember her, right? The Enchiladas? Yeah, that one. She had herself a little problem and I was the one she thought could provide her a solution.

It seems that, for a day or so, she had been hearing some noises from her chimney.

Noises?!? What kind of noises?

Cat noises.

She wanted me to come over and get the cat out of her chimney.

One day, when I have lots of time to sit on a beach and practice deep introspection, I'm going to examine what it is that made her think I was the go-to-girl when you have a cat stuck in the chimney. I don't have that time now and prayerfully, never will.

What I did do was pick my children up from carpool and prep them on the rescue mission at hand. Olivia informed me that on Fox News she once saw a story about a fireman who performed CPR on a cat and saved it's life.

"Do you think you could do it if we needed you, Liv?"

"I got your back, Mom."


Did I mention that I was still wearing these shoes?

Not exactly ideal for search and rescue.

Indeed, there was a cat stuck in Carrie's chimney. I realized this when I was halfway inside the thing. In my Kappa Tablescapes luncheon dress.

Olivia only got half as dirty as I did having a turn trying to save the cat.

Tadaaaa. And no mouth to mouth recessetation necessary.

Here's the rescue team in all our sooty glory.

The name on the cat's collar is Cleo, and we think she's in heat.



Henley on the Horn said...

You are so funny! I can't believe you went in that dirty chimney (all chimneys are dirty, this isn't a bad reflection on Carrie!) and rescued a cat in your beautiful dress!! I love it. You have the best sense of humor about life's little adventures & mishaps!! LOved the story & esp the pictures!!!!

Colored With Memories said...

at least you were wearing black!

love, love, love the title and how you tied it all together......

MissHannah said...

You are unbelievable and I'm just so glad you're my friend. I love you.

Mrs. Troop said...

Oh my!
That's incredible! You must be an amazing friend to be the one she called in such a crisis.
I'd be running in the other direction!
Happy Wednesday!

Lori said...

That is honestly just too funny! You crack me up! I think I will be laughing about that the rest of the day!

~s said...

Oh my! Please tell me the dress was OK. I am certainly unschooled in the way of fashion, but that was a fab dress!

emily said...

This would only happen to you! Things like that never happen to KKG's..........and cheerleaders. :)

I love you!

The Kelly Family said...


you better do it girl! I am with Em...who goes through all of this??
you were such a DIVA through it all! LOL

The Kelly Family said...

ROTF!!! ok..this is NICOLE.. not Delta...
forgot to log her out! (smiling)

Holli said...

love the dress and LOVE the shoes....CARRIE MUST BE A GREAT FRIEND for you to risk your life (of your wardrobe) for!:)

Paul and DeeDee said...

oh man....I'm going to need your phone number for future use....I mean rescues:) you are too funny.

Candy said...

There are special stars in your crown, girlfriend. And those Kappas lost a prize, I'll tell you that. And that Liv would have come through were it necessary!
Love that you ARE the go-to girl.
Very funny.

Michelle said...

seriously, I don't think I have a friend I could call if I heard cat noises in my chimney. You are hilarious--kudos to you on a successful rescue, and I love your shoes :)

daughter of the King said...

You are awesome! I would have called my husband to go help. He doesn't mind getting dirty and loves a good challenge.

Jenny said...

too funny...i'm dying to know the brand of your dress and the shoes!

Melissa said...

Shoes - Target
Dress - Zara

S. said...

ok I'm with the other S. on the dress, that was my first thought...followed by chim, chimeney, chim chimeney chim chim cherey (is that how you spell that? lol)

oh and I am a kappa, kappa gamma etc. ha. I have a feeling I wouldn't fit in with the KKGs in Dallas though unless Gini and Jessica took pity on me!

Sarah said...

How is it that so many unusual, hilarious, and wonderfully made-for-blog incidents happen to one person?!
Seriously, the most exciting thing that has happened to me in the last week is someone slitting the pumpkin leaf bag in our front yard. Makes for a rather boring blog, if you ask me.......
Can you move closer, so some of your excitement might rub off on me?

Debbie said...

You do look beautiful saving that cat! The guys that clean my chimney every year never dress up for me.

Marina said...

that is so funny I love these story!! it so nice to meet you I have a sister that lives in Dallas ") marina

Jerralea said...

I'm amazed at your willingness to help!

I'm pretty sure that none of my friends would consider me the go-to girl for cat rescue!

I came here via Lid's blog. I've enjoyed it!