Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Johnny Lee would be so proud.

When we got Caddy Woodlawn several months ago, we forgot two things.

1. That we had sworn off adding any more pets to our family.

2. To have her spayed.

Now, she's in heat.

When we told Darius, he thought it had something to do with her temperature.

I will keep that little nugget in my back pocket until the next time he makes fun of my cooking or the way I dance.

She is a little nocturnal which has made for some interesting nights. She walks around the house all night meowing so loud it sounds like either howling or a really mad baby.

That's exactly the stage of life we thought we were finally out of.

Every time I hear her cry longlingly for a he-cat or or see her fnuggle up to Fern, I think of the song, "Lookin' for Love".

The song is now stuck in my head.

It makes me want to watch Urban Cowboy all over again.

It may have been the pinnacle of John Travolta's career. With his role in Grease coming in a close second.


Jill said...

I am so sorry....and to have her trapped indoors...oh my. We got ours fixed after three years and a number of kittens, and 5 days after the doctor trip, she left...I think she was mad...she came back 3 weeks later. Looks like she is here to stay. Any good ideas for christmas presents, I am searching for ideas for my little ones.

Kori said...

Oh gee. I can't stand it when the cats in ourneighborhood start all that meaowing. So I know you must be going nuts. Also love me some Urban Cowboy.

Lori Leigh said...

good luck with that

emily said...

One more reason why Casa Alexander will never have a cat! Gracias.

emily said...

You have been tagged. You are welcome!

Misty said...

lol urban cowboy! that movie is retarded. "you a real cowboy?" yeah, i've seen it recently lol