Monday, October 13, 2008

Where has the week gone.

I'm sitting here at my computer. It's 5:30 in the morning. I should be exercising but instead, I'm eating a brownie, drinking a glass of milk, and trying to figure out where the last week went. None of those things are good for my thighs.

We didn't have school on Friday for the Annual Texas State Fair. WHOOHOO!! Except, I boycotted the fair this year. I know. If you live in Dallas, you may want to come over and burn a corndog in my yard for such blasphemy but I did it and you know what, I don't feel a bit bad about it.

I've had two children get lost at the fair. Doesn't that make you want me to babysit your kids? One of those episodes resulted in my son needing to keep me in his sights at all times for about a year. It was all fine and good until I had to go to the bathroom.

If every person in our family ate one corndog and split a drink (which would cause ten minutes of arguing over Sprite or Lemonade), the grand total would be about $55 and seriously, I can't eat just one of babies. I need about three to feel like my time was well spent.

And that doesn't include the funnel cakes, the candy apples, the chicken fried bacon that we'd have to try, and all the games and rides. It's pretty hard to get out of the Fair with a family of 8 for less than $200.

Two words; TOTAL WHIPPIN'.

So, I boycotted the State Fair of Texas and thankfully, Trey agreed. Sorry Big Tex.

Instead, we took the kids out to Cedar Hill State Park where we hiked, swam, picnic-ed, and played, all for about $15.

The highlight was seeing huge vultures eating a dead something. My kids went crazy because the birds were almost as big as they were.

We also told them to watch out for bobcats. "Sadie, can you tell me the difference between a bobcat and a regular cat?"

"Uh huh, A regular cat is like Caddy Woodlawn and a bobcat will scratch your face off."

Nice Sadie. Really, what else do you expect from a child who dresses like this about 75% of the time?

That's Darth Sadar and she knows a thing or two about bobcats.

Right at the end of our day, just before we were about to load up in the car, Scout and Fern found a little stagnant pond and came out looking like this.

It made the ride home so fun and really smelly.

I didn't think it was possible for her to get any uglier but, indeed, it is.

Darius went to Six Flags with some friends on Saturday.

He was a little scared to ride the rides so we thought a helmet might make him feel safer. Trey tried to bribe him into wearing the thing the whole time he was at the park but, to a high school sophomore, nothing is more valuable than your image. Nothing.

Case in point. Don't smile for pictures.

That is definitely against the code. Definitely. Even when you're wearing a Barbie helmet.

Oh, Tom cracked. Don't do it Tom! Don't smile.

That's better, Tom. Now, Darius, you gotta hang in there, buddy. The camera's almost put away, then you can smile. Until then, channel Ice T from 'Boyz in the Hood'. I think Charlie and John (in the back) have been practicing in front of the mirror at home. They're good. Real good.

Tom obviously hasn't mastered his ghetto gangsta look, yet. We'll have to work on it.



Kori said...

I so know what you mean about spending a chunk of change at the Fair. So glad ya'll had just as much fun at the park. Sorry about the smelly dog.

And the guys look handomse as ever even with their tough faces and barbie helmet on.

Lori said...

I don't think we are going to make it to the fair this year either. But I might be interested in that state park! We love to be outdoors and we had such fun when we were in Georgia visiting all the state parks. We need to start finding some in Texas

Paul and DeeDee said...

Um, I am pretty sure I should have boycotted the fair this year....especially since I was cleaning up chicken fried bacon vomit out of Jackson's crib at 1 a.m.

Yep, I need to remember that the fair's fried foods and toddlers are NOT a good combination, no matter how much they beg for another piece!

Henley on the Horn said...

You are so doggone funny!! I love it. Though you need to have someone bring you a corny dog, just to taste it once a year!! :)

We have a friend who brings little cups with her & the whole family splits a drink that way... it does save a little money!

Holli said...

since you are offering and the fair is over.... we will drop the kids in a hour be back in about 2 weeks!

Mrs. Troop said...

We, too, decided to boycott this year. The OK fair, that is. I just can't get over spending that much to feel so very dirty afterwards.
Glad you enjoyed the park. The Barbie helmet is too funny!

MissHannah said...

Oh I've missed you and I live around the corner.

I just have one thing to say...I'm glad you finally admitted that Scout is ugly. But of course we still love her.

Jill said...

Thanks oh thanks for a tidbit of Sadie-ness...I have missed her antics being told on this here blog. I do love the ears...but it is the necklace that sends it over the top. Boo to fairs, yahoo to state parks unless you get a fungus or poison ivy like me.

Garden Girl said...

Oh. My. Goodness.
That entire thing is just too stinkin' funny!
I just love the eyes of Sadie! Peekin' out from the ears. Oh my , the ears! could they be any bigger?
And I cannot believe the guys did not crack a bit at the Barbie helmet. Come on gents, show us those perly whites!

Dustin, Nikki, Madison and Sage said...

Found your blog when we were following the Alexander's adoption trip. Love it! What a gift of writing you have. My sister and I love to see what it is you will write about in your next post. Brownies on steroids...can't wait to try them!

The boys look quite handsome. Love the Barbie helmet and rabbit ears!

Your blog is such an encouragement, thanks for sharing your life in West Dallas.

melanie said...

Sam boycotted the fair for me. Big Tex is too scary. (and everything is too loud). That may be an excuse for... "Big Tex is too scary." hmmm.
Sadie's necklace... well, that just tie's everything up in a nice bow, doesn't it?!

Robin Dodd Photography said...

I don't know where I found your blog.. maybe thru Heather...but I am from DFW and love to hear about Texas! Coming soon for Halloween. Love your blog! I always boycotted the fair because of the 10 dollar corndogs..

Robin Dodd Photography said...

I don't know where I found your blog.. maybe thru Heather...but I am from DFW and love to hear about Texas! Coming soon for Halloween. Love your blog! I always boycotted the fair because of the 10 dollar corndogs..

Tracy said...

Haha ....
Love the barbie helmet.


emily said...

Oh the Barbie helmet is priceless!!

Sending the kids with Jess to the fair- it will still cost a fortune but maybe it won't hurt as much not witnessing it! I really want a Fletchers though.....

Kate said...

Hilarious as always!!! :D I hear ya about the fair stuff....I mean, good grief, do we HAVE ta go broke to have some good ol fashion fun round heah??!!!!

Loving Darth Sader....actually she resembles my son, Darth's his getup for Halloween. :D

You're a sweetie, thanks for the love and bday thoughts!!! xoxo

Sarah said...

I can't even comment on your posts anymore. I just have to laugh and grin the whole time, and then think the comments in my head. There is too much to take in--and then to try to make equally humorous comments is too much work for me today.

So I will just grin for the rest of the day, remembering various parts of your post.
I think the ugly dog comment is tickling my funny bone the most at the moment..... :-)

Sarah said...

Oh wait--I do have to say one thing!

If I had been you, I would NOT have been able to resist the lure of the greasy crispy corn dog, and probably would have slunk off to the fair by myself while the kids were preoccupied in the backyard or something.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You had me at brownie at 5:30 AM. I'm not sure how I came to you blog, but I've been caught up reading the posts, and reading, and reading .... Aside from apparently being a really nice, Christ-like person, you are a great writer with a sharp sense of humor. I'm so glad I found your blog. Blessings, Linda

These Three Kings said...

okay...tooo funny!!! LOL!!!
you are too much! I have missed reading your post..time to catch up!
awww, I hate that you wont be at CCDA next week :(

will miss you, but cant wait to meet the hubbie :)

S. said...

Darth Sader--so awesome. love the pic.