Friday, November 7, 2008

Can you clear this up for me?

Is it a house divided cannot stand or a house of vices?

If it's the latter, we may be in trouble. For thirteen years, my husband has had to venture out in all sorts of inclimate weather to get himself a cup of coffee in the morning. He's had to bear 68 degree summer mornings and 48 degree winter mornings. Hmmm, as I read that last sentence, it's not sounding like suffering but, believe you me, he has suffered.

Not being a coffee drinker myself, I never saw the need for a coffee maker. The idea of coffee grounds all over my kitchen counter day after day outweighed any romantic fantasy about waking up to the smell of fresh brewed java.

The other day I was at Target, saw a great little coffee maker, and decided Trey deserved a break. I could do this. I could program the thing to make coffee for that sweet hunk of a man every morning. I even purposed to find out just how he liked his cup of morning sunshine and bring it to him. We're keepin' the fire burnin', people. Keepin' the fire burnin'. Apparently with lots and lots of caffeine.

The first morning with our new coffee maker, we woke up to an aroma fresh from the mountains of Columbia, or Starbuck's. I was taken back to mornings at my house growing up. It was pretty sweet.

After Trey left, I decided to try a little cup myself.

With whipping cream.

After my second cup, I was officially in love. With coffee. I also cleaned my house, top to bottom, in about the time it usually takes me to blow-dry my hair. It's pretty good stuff.

I have a new vice and I think my Diet Coke is missing me. I found one 'fnuggled up on my pillow this morning. I think it snuck in from the refrigerator in the garage and tried to woo me back.

I haven't forgotten you Diet Coke. I mean, coffee is fabulous but it has it's disadvantages. Especially when you make it with whipping cream.

Ick. This would NEVER happen with my Diet Coke.

There's no way a cat's face could fit down in that opening and I'm pretty sure Caddy Woodlawn doesn't know how to use a straw.



Jen said...

hahahahha...that is great.

Yeah, the closest thing I get to coffee is with 3/4 of the cup full of cream (the flavored ones are AMAZING) and 2 cups of sugar.

I'm hardcore

Christy@pipandsqueak said...

I refuse to try coffee all doctored up because I do not want to become an addict. Right now my caffeine comes int eh form of Dr. Pepper. I am sure that coffee is actually much better for you but I will not give in.

hannahgarippa said...

My sweet friend who I now get to have coffee with...welcome. Welcome to the wonderful world of coffee. You will be loved here. Coffee will wrap itself around you and never let you go...just wait until you start going to bed dreaming of when you'll wake up to smell the heavenly brew.

It's a sickness I never want to cured of.

Hauswife said...

Melissa, you are so stinkin' funny! I just love you. Prepare yourself. Next time we're in your 'hood, I'm coming by for a cup of coffee. But, no whipped cream, thanks!

renee in seattle said...

About 2 years ago my husband decided that being the sole breadwinner and loving on me was just not enough, and he began making the coffee every. Single. Morning. I feel like a queen every morning! I imagine that your man would feel like a king if you did the same....

Donna said...

Welcome! Welcome to the dark side! Bry and I just retired our fancy stainless steel Cuisinart coffee maker for a single, on the spot Kuerig. Mesmerizing blue light illuminates the water, single K-cups to choose from! Tea, hot cocoa, coffee of all types! My blood is Sumatra blend - I drink it like water. Note of caution though... Brush your teeth after every cup or they may start looking the shade of Cocoa Puffs and that's just, well, creepy.

Abby said...

It's taken you 13 years to learn this?
cream, sugar, pile it on if you need it. It really doesn't matter because you burn 6x's more calories just because you can't sit still.
Trust me.

allisonwondrland said...

just lurk every now and then...wanted to warn you that the coffee high? Where you get everything done and clean out under the sink? Lasts about 3 months. Maybe 6? Then you become one of us ZOMBIES that has to have it JUST TO OPEN YOUR EYES. Forget the pep. Still tastes great. Just won't get you revved. Sorry!

Sarah said...

I love to hear when others come over to the dark side (java, that is). It somehow makes me feel less obsessive, less "it can't be wrong if so many others are doing it too!". Right???? I am not bad to drink 2+ cups and day, and dream of my dear little corner Starbucks the rest of the day. Am I??? I am also not wrong to want candles scented with coffee....I am NOT AN ADDICT!!

You need to buy International Foods creamers, and dump a couple Tablespoonfuls in, along with the whipped cream. (And just so you know, the Reddi Whip spray is utterly delightful on top of a hot cup o' joe.....) Just in case you needed to know......