Thursday, November 27, 2008

It was a Happy Thanksgiving.

Last night, our family played a little game where everyone writes down five of their favorite things and we go around the table and successful guesses earn you points.

Here were Trey's five.
1. Bass Fishing
2. Bottle Rocket (An obscure independent film made by and starring Luke and Owen Wilson.)
3. The Office
4. Family
5. Meat

Do you notice anything peculiar?

Me too. I got lumped into the family group with Trey's second-cousin-thrice-removed, Phyllis.

My only consolation was that Jesus also didn't make his list so I'm in pretty good company.

I'm not going to say it hurt my feelings, really, but I milked it for a good six hours just for fun.

We had a great day with family and friends but the day's sweetest gift to Trey and I came after we had gotten home and settled in to watch the A&M/UT slaughter, I mean game.

Dea and Darius sat down and handed us a three page note they had written on the computer.

It said this...

6 Hills + 2 Jones = 1 Family

We have never had a family like this one. This family is so great. It's very hard to be down in the Hill's house. Sometimes I get sad thinking of my past but when I walk in the house, it's a light of happiness shining on me. We are so happy to live with you all. (Tee, Graham, Olivia, Sadie, Mr. Trey, and Melissa)
Melissa (Momma Lissa) is a non-stop hard working woman. She makes sure the food is done on time, clothes is washed when needed, money is provided when needed and etc. We love her. She made us feel welcome when we first walked in the doors of the Hill's house. It's a blessing to have a step-mother like her.

Same for Trey Hill (Brett Farve). He is a hard working man. He is busy a lot, but still somehow pulls it through to hang with us, his kids, and wife.

We love this family and am glad to be a part of it. For a second, we thought we was at the end of our road. Until, God blessed us with a great family. He saved us. This was a true blessing to us. We hope you all are happy to have us, because we are thankful for you all.

Dea and Darius

Trey and I were left speechless and in tears and thankful for the gifts these young men have been to our whole family over the past year. There are certainly many days, like yesterday, when we are discouraged and heartbroken, and wondering what the Lord's got in store. This was truly a sweet gift of encouragement that we both needed.

It almost made up for me not getting top billing on Trey's list.

Totally kidding.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!



Casey said...

What sweet boys! And what a sweet thing for you to do by making them a part of your family.

Trey will be in my prayers. :)

Abby said...

Man- what a sweet, sweet letter. Those boys are something! I just love it.

Coneymama said...

Happy Holidays to a very blessed Hill/Jones home.

Holli said...

wow they know how to make a grown up cry! God is so good to us all and brings people into our lives just at the right time. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
praying for all the families you all come in contact with!

These Three Kings said...

ok ...can we say GOOSE BUMPS!!!!

Just when you need it the LORD gives you a sweet reminder and allows you to see the fruit of the LABOR that he does within you!!

This has encouraged me to come pressing on in the lives of those we minister too..its not for us to see..its for those we minister to...for them to see our SAVIOR and rejoice in HIS LOVE FOR THEM!!

I hope we meet those boys along with you all one day!!

Laboring with you,

shelly said...

simply beautiful.....I don't like to jacks my sinuses up....but doggone it that letter did it to me.....simply beautiful

These Three Kings said...

sorry I meant to say keep pressing on...keep

Guard Wife said...

Truly beautiful. Made me well up for certain. Even if you're pretty sure you know how they feel, it's nice when they spell it out. :)

Henley on the Horn said...

What an encouragement to know you are making such a difference in the lives of these boys!

Michelle said...

oh my word..."a warning: Kleenex needed" would have been nice. Thanks for sharing!

emily said...

That is the sweetest letter ever! We had so much fun having your whole family here for Thanksgiving. I must say the meat leaf gets the most comments on the tree!

Rachel said...

Wow what an amazing thing you are doing for those boys! Providing a stable and loving family...priceless!

trey said...

I am glad to see everyone is focusing om the more important part of the post, but for those who were concerned or care about "our favorite things" game one point of clarification is needed. This was not a list of our "top five" favorite things, but "some of" our favorite things. Clearly if I was asked for my top five favorite things my list would have looked different. So here it is My Top Five Favorite Things:

1. Bass Fishing
2. Meat
3. U2
4. Bottle Rocket
5. Family

Glad to clear up any misunderstandings.

Melissa said...

You're sleeping on the couch. In the garage. Forever.

S. said...

hahaha at your husband's comment.

and, tears at the letter. wow!

daisy said...

That's what my hubby and I call parenting paydays. And they're priceless.

That is exactly one of the reasons I tagged you for an award on my blog. I usually lurk and read you on my bloglines, but I wanted to invite you to come visit when you get a minute or two.


RosyRose said...

Hi Hills- You guys are so cool! I read through your blog and I am just so completely taken! I love that you added more to your already priceless family and I love that you guys aren't afraid to have fun...
And Mr Hill I think you have some big making up to do! I'm talking
BIG, Mr!

Sarah said...

That is the sweetest thing ever.....I would frame it and hang it in my bedroom. :-)
Hope your Thanksgiving was happy...I am slightly curious about this movie that your husband put on his list above you. It must be pretty darn cool. I will have to check it.....Ha ha!

Kim said...

You continue to inspire me with laughter and tears! What a gift in that letter. And so glad Mr. Trey is keeping it all real for us all! Hope it's not too cold in the dog house! Blessings, Kim

VaQueenBee said...

What a sweet blessing!