Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just in case she's learned to read, too.

Dear Sadie,

Yesterday afternoon, I put you, my youngest, precious, baby girl, on an airplane with your Uncle Joey and let you fly all the way to San Antonio for three whole days.


I waited for you to go through security because I was sure you wouldn't make it and I wanted to be right there when you decided you couldn't leave me for so long. Instead, you blew me a kiss and put your pink princess suitcase on the conveyor belt, thereby wrapping the very large security guard around your little finger.

Just as we were driving out of the airport, Uncle Joey called and I knew I was going to have to make a U-Turn and come and fetch you. Instead, he told me ya'll were sitting in Chili's having a big lemonade with a bendy straw and therefore the time of your life. You're pretty easy to please.

This morning, I woke up early, gassed up the car, got dressed and ready for the long drive I would certainly have to make to go and get my homesick little doodle. Instead, you were still sound asleep after a night of smores, non-stop play with your cousins, all topped off with a double-stuffed oreo snack right before bed. Seriously, who can compete with that?

I know you're getting bigger and you've even learned to ride your SeaStar bicycle.

You can even dress yourself, though judging from this picture, you may be fashionably challenged.

But the fact that you're miles away from me and not missing me even a little tiny bit is more than I can take. I want to be a fly on the wall, listening to your conversations and hearing you belly laugh. And making sure you put on a matching outfit.

I know it's impossible but, sometimes, when I see you growing up and doing things without my help, I wish I could laminate you and keep you little, and four, forever.

I love you, stinker.


karen said...

Those are precious pics of sweet Sadie! My daughter, Katie, had her in the nursery at Pine Cove just a few years ago...and now, as I type this my Katie is en route to Kenya for a five month stay to work in an orphanage there. When she left DFW airport this past week (for orientation in NC) I secretly was hoping she'd turn around and change her mind. But that's not what the Lord has in store for her :) Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your make me laugh out loud! And yours' is one of Katie's favorites also. Blessings! Karen Thornton

Guard Wife said...

Oh, my goodness! She is precious. My youngest, M2, is a redheaded firecracker who loves to ride her Sea Star bike and would appreciate any time away from Mom that involved Double Stuffed Oreos. It's so funny how much my little girl (who I think is one-of-a-kind unique) resembles other little girls who are just as one-of-a-kind. :)

Bill said...

What a little muncher! Let me just say that Sadie is so easy to please. After about 6 hours of the mundane she couldn't wait to tell you she had just had "the greatest day ever"! Knit together with cord of joy and delight is this one. Praise the Lord His wonder in forming them all so uniquely.
With deep gratitude for all 12!!

hannahgarippa said...

Oh that sweet and sassy sadie. She is growing up so fast and into such a precious thing. Love her and her mama too.

S. said...

love Karen's comment. And your girl is precious. The outfit cracks me up--my M. has similar taste!

Henley on the Horn said...

Today you made me cry. Your little Sadie is one precious angel!! I can't believe how quickly our children grow & change. Our #4 is now 5, but i wanted her to stay 3 forever. She was the cutest three year old in the world!! I am glad I have one more that will one day be three... I just hope it takes a long time to get there! Thank you for sharing!!!

Zan said...

No words...I just love that girl!

Kelley said...

She is dressing herself every day and you will be happy to know she has picked some very cute outfits! Aside from the nerdy horn-rimmed 3D gasses she has now insisted on wearing every minute since yesterday after seeing Bolt, I would say she is one fashionable little redhead! We are feeding her sugar & caffeine every time she asks and she it having the time of her life! Life is good! See you guys tomorrow and looking forward to it!

Sarah said...

Aw, makes me wanna cry! I hope she hugs and hugs you when she gets home and tells you how glad she is to see you. That always makes me feel better about myself. :-)

And I am glad you mentioned the fashion issue.....I was a little worried when I saw the whole ensemble. I am glad that YOU didn't pick it out. :-)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family!

Mrs. Troop said...

Sweet Girl.
My three little girls have the SAME bikes AND shoes - our youngest girl calls them her "golden shoes" (and no, they are really not golden, but it's so cute).
I wish I could package moments as well. Fills me with joy.
Happy Thanksgiving down there!

Colored With Memories said...

how sweet! what a great experience for her. and you!

don't you just love FOUR? lily has been such a joy. i thought age three would kill me!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh why hasn't someone invented the kid laminator yet? It's almost too late for me, but it's not for you. Check Staples.

Hauswife said...

Awww, it goes by way too fast, doesn't it???