Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween '08

Ok, it's a little bit of an understatement that we love us some Halloween over at the Hill house. Sadie started our Halloween morning like this...

She had come into our room giggling at about 3:00am and whispering, "Mom! I put-ted my costume on and am going to wear it in my bed. Tee hee hee hee!", and ran back to her room.

She woke up and before her eyes were open, she was asking when she would get her candy.

To get the day rolling in sugar, I gave her a Pop Tart for breakfast because, let's be brutally honest, isn't it just about the same as giving children candy for breakfast? Some of the flavors are Barbie Berry and Hot Fudge Sundae; let's not pretend it's anything but shelf placement that distinguishes them from a box of Milk Duds.

Halloween is one time a year where our neighbors all come out and celebrate with the kiddos. The costumes are simple, if there are costumes at all, and everyone gets their Wal-mart grocery bags filled to the brim. Over the years, participation has dwindled some, but the houses that do participate really embrace the fun. We like to count how many times the kids make the rounds. Quincy used to do at least three laps around the neighborhood.

Trey took the kids trick-or-treating, and I stayed back with our neighbor, Kim, to pass out candy. It was such a great night we just sat in our driveway and watched all the kids pass by.

Last year, we bought costumes from Target on sale but we resolved, this year, to make due with what we had at home. Here's what we came up with.

If you can't tell, Graham is G-Man. The Superhero with Bling. I think he's a second cousin once removed from Superman.

Oh, and um, here's Trey.

Flesh of my flesh wearing my sunglasses.

Here's a picture of some serious chest hair, and my children.

Tee spent the night with a friend and came home with so much candy, I think they must have done a few laps around the neighborhood themselves. Way to teach the tricks of the 'hood, Tee.

He was Joker. "Which joker do you want to be, Tee? The funny one?"

"No. I want to be the Heath Ledger one, Mom, but without the drugs."


In my defense, we have NOT seen the movie. I think he got this look from the McDonald's Batman Happy Meal toys.

As expected, the police came about 9:00 to send the trick-or-treaters home before all the tricks started.

In other weekend news, our precious neighbor Kim was invited to Homecoming. I got to take her shopping for a dress, help her get ready, and drive her to the dance. Her date met her there.

She is one of our favorite kids in the neighborhood and we loved getting to participate in this special night with her.

Her date has obviously mastered his ghetto-gangsta smile-less picture pose.



Holli said...

I wonder if the police came because someone called about the scary white hippy walking around!:)

Candy said...

Priceless! Whose son is that in the hippie gear?
And what a joy to share this with Kim! You all are preaching the gospel with lives that reflect our Savior.

hannahgarippa said...

I love my boss...You all rock!

Susan said...

I love men/dads that can pull together an ensemble in a snap...I know that you are proud! My mom loved getting to see you yesterday.

emily said...

Oh my, Trey Hill! What a get-up!! Love it.

Kim looked so beautiful. :)

I was concerned in a few of the pics that said, "my kids" and "kids with Trey" until you finally explained that Tee was in fact off with a friend. Thought maybe you had one too many mini-snickers.

Hauswife said...

I tagged you!

Hauswife said...

By the way, Trey... you are HYSTERICAL! You and my hubby are peas in a pod. He's a complete crazy for costumes, too. Absolutely no shame or self-consciousness whatsoever!