Thursday, November 13, 2008

Up Up and Away

I'm sitting on a plane to Philidelphia.

Sin ninos. Chile con queso. I like to practice my Spanish now and then.

Trey and I were graciously invited to attend the Annual CCEF Conference this year with his parents. I'm so excited to get away with Trey for the weekend I can barely stand it. I'm dreaming of hours of talking and reconnecting.

Before we left, Trey downloaded the audiobook, Brothers Karamazov by Dotchievsky (or something like that), onto his iPod. It's like 40 hours-long so I'm thinking he may not share my sentiments. Every once in a while, when he's thoroughly engrossed, I like to mouth words to him. He pauses the story, removes his earphones, and politely says "what?", just in time for me to say, "Oh, nevermind.". Actually, that little trick only worked once. Now, he's just ignoring me.

The conference is on addictions within the church. As I sit typing furiously away on my blackberry, nursing my second Diet Coke of the morning, I'm once again reminded that there are no coincidences with God. The Lord may have some help because our flight attendant just shared with me that it's possible to kill a mound of fire ants with just a little Diet Coke.

"Now, honey, what do you think that's doing to your brain?"

"I don't know but can you just hand it over? I don't like to put my blackberry down any longer than I have to."

I didn't really say that.

The kids are in the very best care a mani/pedi can buy: Hannah. She picked them up for school and looked ready for the weekend. She was wearing pleated khaki pants, an embroidered Thanksgiving sweater, comfortable shoes and had her hair cut into a practical mom-bob.

Oh, I kid.

Unfortunately, she did have to drive my car which is considerably dirtier than hers.

At least if they all were stranded in the middle of no where - totally possible in Dallas - they could survive on crushed Cheese Nips for about a week.

It's what I like to call justification.

I can't wait to tell you about our trip and about everything that got broken while we were gone.


Jess said...

Can't wait to hear the stories! Loved the post below this one too! It made me laugh seriously hard. :0)

Holli said...

have a getting weekend! don't listen to the bits about BA (blog addicts) I am addicted to your blog and need my fix every now and again!:)

Henley on the Horn said...

You are so funny that I can't stand it!! Thank you for making me smile and laugh every time you have a new post! Why do people want to share their opinion about our diet cokes? That is my main vice, it is how I cope, it makes me feel good... why does someone feel the need to tell me it will kill fire ants? So funny. Your humor is wonderful. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your in-laws and your husband!! Enjoy staying in a hotel & not making your bed!

emily said...

Oh have so much fun! I am so excited you guys all got to go.

Susan said...

I hope that you get to sleep in. Just like a good mom...give a big dose of colon cleanse and leave town! Is this a covert intervention trip - to put you in Diet Coke detox? I'll come and save you. Enjoy!

Hauswife said...

Ooooh, have so much fun! I'm so glad you get to go! (I just scrolled down and realized that I wrote the exact same thing as Em. :P)

Kim said...

You make me laugh daily. Your humor and gift w/ the pen blesses me. Have a great trip!

Mrs. Troop said...

Have a great time!

S. said...

Love Philly! Met my husband there. You should have a drink in the lobby of the Ritz, it is beautiful. It should be really pretty this time of year! And lol at your description of Hannah. Sadly that is now me. I need What Not to Wear to visit. Have a cheesesteak for me! (Somehow I am thinking that won't happen). Enjoy the time without the kids!

Sarah said...

You really need to write a book of some sort....I don't know what the topic could be, but I am sure you would think of something. :-)

Have a WONDERFUL time away! I must confess, I am slightly envious. But my day will soon as we have everyone out of diapers. (Which could be awhile, knowing my children.)

Can't wait to hear all about what you learned this weekend!