Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Because isn't this what everyone is doing this time of year?

I'm interrupting my raging sinus infection to take care of a little blogging. This could be my very last post because, well, I could die of the afore mentioned raging sinus infection. I don't know why I don't run as fast as I can to the doctor at the first sign of a sneeze. Instead, I try Zicam and extra doses of vitamin C thinking it will stave off the inevitable. Not so much.

Maybe my sense of impending death was only sub-conscious sympathy for Olivia's fish. Our day started with the discovery that, while we're were resting all snug in our beds, Caddy Woodlawn ate Olivia's fish, Erin. She was spending the night with a friend so I had the brilliant idea to simply go purchase a new one and replace the, um, one who had gone to a better place. Then I remembered that I live with six children who relish nothing more than telling their sister, using as many words as possible, what happened to her beloved sea-dweller.

We certainly should have seen this one coming. The other night, Olivia woke us up screaming at the top of her lungs, "She's gonna die!! She's gonna die!!!" As Trey grabbed her and tried to figure out what happened, he heard, "...fish", and sent me running into her room to save the pet in peril.

Erin was on the floor next to a spilled water bowl. Flipping. I'm going to admit I hesitated. In a flash, the thought of one less pet to feed appealed to the practical side of me. But in the end, I did the right thing and picked up that slimy beta with my bare hands (shiver) and flopped it back in her bowl.

Caddy would not be deterred. She would come back with a vengeance.

So along with doing a little fish replacement, I also spent the day helping our neighbor, Kim, with a school project. Her assignment was to interview various health care professionals and then put together a binder and presentation with all the interviews.

One of the requirements was a mortician.

Unfortunately, he had to reschedule at the last minute because of an emergency. (Shiver again.)

On a positive note, seeing this place, with it's iron security doors chained and padlocked shut only cemented my resolve to beat my raging sinus infection.

Next was our neighborhood doctor's office. They fit us in between patients which I'm sure made those guys ecstatic. The fact that we never got the Dr. to clearly tell us where he had graduated from medical school gave us some pause, but my only criteria was whether or not he could prescribe a Z-pack. When I'm sick, my standards drop significantly.

What is it about this sign in the office window that makes me nervous?

The fire station was our final destination and they were great. I think, honestly, it had been a little slow that afternoon and our little interview broke up the monotony. The fact that they threw in a station tour at the end only confirmed my theory. We saw the engine and everything.

At the very end of our interview, the firemen got an emergency call. Like a six year old, I got all giddy and took pictures of them leaving the station. It was awesome.

On our way home, a sweet friend called and was dropping of dinner at our house. Seriously, it brought tears to my eyes. With all I had to do still, and how terrible I felt, dinner was absolutely the last thing on my mind. It was an incredible blessing from an unbelievable cook. Our whole family, and then some, ate like kings.

Now, I'm simply looking forward to spending some special one-on-one time with my pillow tonight. Prayerfully I'll wake up feeling better tomorrow and ready to celebrate our Saviors birth.

Good night.



Henley on the Horn said...

Sweet Melissa, I hope you're feeling better and SLEEPING now & not worrying about Christmas (ha!). You were so kind to spend your day giving to others. I am sorry the office was not taking no new patients!!! LOVED it all, as usual. Merry, merry Christmas!

These Three Kings said...

Merry Christmas!
i hope you feel sooo much better in the morning..praying the LORD give you rest for Christmas :)

Amy said...

Carrie's FW cousin here (should I just go by CFWC or something?). It sounds like you're well into Z-pack range this time (God bless whoever came up with that stuff), but I've got a suggestion for you for your next cold. I used to get sinus infetions with every cold, then I discovered Mucinex (or the generic equivalent). If I stay on it round the clock during the cold, I can dodge the infection. It basically keeps the ick loose enough (...sorry) to keep moving...um...onward and outward, rather than getting clogged up and infected. No guarantees, I guess, because maybe it doesn't work for everyone, but I've honestly not had another sinus infection since I started using it. It comes in several varieties -- including one with a decongestant that my husband prefers -- but since decongestants wig me out, I have to go with the basic stuff. Still works though! I seriously used to progress to walking pneumonia every winter (3 in a row!), but haven't since. Mucinex and a lot of sleep, sister -- that's my preachin'.

OK, so I've commented on lice and sinus infections now. Do they do med school online? I think I'm ready.

Gloria said...

Here's another idea for when you feel an infection coming on. We took this product to Brazil and used it to stave off all sorts of infections. The product? It's called GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract), made by Nutribiotic and found in most Health Food Stores. Sixteen drops in water or juice every couple of hours during the the first miserable stages. As you get feeling better and the nose stops running so much you will naturally increase the time between doses.

If you use it in conjunction with the Mucinex someone else recommended, you should do nicely.

My daughter has been giving it to her children and has successfully stopped their colds from advancing into miserable infections. She has also used it with great success. Check it out. The GSE also has other favorable uses as well.

I hope the Z-pack is helping you and that your Christmas was wonderful.

daisy said...

It's amazing what I learn here. LOL. Mucinex and GSE. New weapons for my arsenal.

Hope you're feeling better. I love that Z-pack stuff too. When they tell me they're giving that to me, I just smile my biggest smile. Oh, bliss.

How nice to get dinner when the last thing you feel like doing is cooking. What a sweetie.

Have a good weekend.

Kate said...

GOOOOD gracious woman!! :D Sounds like a fun day....so sorry you are feeling under the weather, pray you are up and about as yourself soon!!! Cracking up at the sigh....oh dear, but you're so right....the drugs for a sinus infection might just be worth entering therein!!!!! :D

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the greatest gift ever given.....much love....