Thursday, December 18, 2008


Some of Darius' friends were over tonight doing their homework when one of them asked for help.

"MaMelissa, could you help me with this problem: the sum of the interior angles of a polygon is 24 more than 38 times the sum of the exterior angles. How many sides does this polygon have?"

Um, no habla mathpanol.

Then, with semester projects wrapping up, Sebastian asked Trey to read his final draft.

"Sebastian, you totally copied this verbatim from the computer."

"No, I didn't. I wrote that myself."

"Son, the first word of your paragraph is Manifestation. Why don't you tell me exactly what manifestation means?"

"Yeah. Uh. It's something nasty. Real nasty."

Almost, Sebastian...almost.


Sitesx6 said...

Ha ha ha...I feel your pain.
I homeschool our children....(twins) they are in 5th grade. 5th grade math is KICKING MY BUTT! Seriously, I have had to run to the bedroom and call my husband in secret to ask him math question, so I don't look retarded in front of my kids.
"Hon, is zero an even or odd number?"

Kelly S.

emily said...

Oh the memories of typing Eddies term paper come flooding back to mind.........I'm with you on the math thing.

We were at Moody's staff party, will call you later today.

Henley on the Horn said...

i love it. I laugh out loud when I read your blog!

Karin Katherine said...

Priceless. Posts like this is what earned you a blog award! Go on over to my blog and claim your award.

happygeek said...

Too funny.
Manifestation is nasty:)

S. said...

Melissa--I am sorry to do this here, but I tried to contact Kelly S. and hadn't heard back and am afraid I will forget, and I promised myself I would be a good advocate for Lukas and his peers with MR so...
Kelly, I can tell from your blog that you would never intentionally say anything to hurt those who are developmentally delayed or their families. I had no idea before I had my son with Down syndrome the impact of using the word "retarded" as an insult, and I used it all the time (mostly about myself) without thinking a thing about it.
I have since learned that esp. for teens and adults who ARE mentally retarded, hearing it used that way is hurtful. I have no problem when the word is used in the clinical sense. But it is a big deal in the community of which we are a part, and I wish someone would have called me on it before.
I think it is important that we are aware, and teach our children not to use the word as well. It isn't just semantics, it is real children and families and it matters. OK, just had to get that out!

I was at M.'s school last week working on "cuisinaire rods"--some math thing that I could not figure out and my dh knew all the answers in about 10 seconds. I think I will put him in charge of math homework.

carmen said...

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