Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday Party Recap.

Ok. So after Trey and I figured out that we were not destined to be the couple with one child who could lavish them year after year with extravagant birthday parties, we decided to limit our children to a "friend" party every other year. After our third was born, we decided we actually didn't even need any parties at all until they were at least five and could correctly articulate the words, "You are the best mommy and daddy ever and I would be lost without you." It also gave us enough time to set expectations remarkably low since neither Trey or I are very creative.

Ok, wait. I aplogize. Scratch that. Trey is very creative and I am not. Sometimes I just like lumping him into my weaknesses to make me feel better. I think it's the whole 'one flesh' thing. Or, maybe, I'm trying to get him to do a kind of quid pro quo thing and lump me in with him as a genius.

It could totally happen.

Anyway, when we made this little birthday party rule, we failed to stagger it properly and the oldest two had already had parties so, long story short, every two years, we have three birthday parties to throw during the months of January, February, and March.

Last Saturday, we started down what tends to be the long and winding road of birthday party mayhem.

Olivia had herself a little soiree with the second grade. The entire grade.
Just remembering it reminds me of that old Patsy Cline song, 'Crazy'.

Because it's the middle of winter, we decided to have a "Can't wait till Spring" theme and decorate birdhouses, play games, and eat pizza and birthday cake. It was just like the old fashioned parties I used to have before Pump It Up, Laser Tagopolis, and Great Wolf Lodge.

Here's a picture of Sadie and Kim who was a big help with the younger kids. I'm not sure why she's covering up her beautiful face. Maybe she's wanted in seven states. Hmmmm.

We had a great time and Olivia was running around so happily, I only got one picture of her. She was helping her daddy run the games.

Curiously enough, I did manage to get several shots of my cupcakes.

Oh, look at that! Even more.

I was a little proud.

That could be the understatement of the year.

I'm really not creative and was pretty shocked I pulled these off.

So shocked that I cried like a baby when one of Olivia's friends dropped hers on the floor.

That was a joke. I promise.


With Olivia's party behind us, we're moving right on to Graham's. It should be interesting since he wants to go to Disney World with the whole first grade and then some.

We told him that would be cost prohibitive. He told us that sounded like a bad word.

I knew I liked that kid.


Sheila said...

If I had made those cupcakes, I might have felt tempted to have those for show and have some other ones for the kids to actually eat. :) Beautiful!

Henley on the Horn said...

WHAT GORGEOUS cupcakes! I am very impressed. I could never get icing to look pretty like that around the edges! We had a Bugs & Butterflies party one time, and I, too, was quite proud of myself. What a precious theme! You were brave with all of the painting of birdhouses, etc! GREAT party & I always laugh at your posts. Wanted in 7 states....

Bill said...

Those cupcakes were awesome! And, why try to tell us you're not creative when you write this amazing blog, huh? The birdhouses were adorable too.
So, what is Graham doing for his birthday?
Loving YOU.

emily said...

We could be the worst cousins ever! I waited and waited to respond b/c our trip was up in the air for awhile. Well, when it was a done deal- calling you just fell off of my to do list. (you and I both know I don't have any brain forgot!)

Hope she forgives us! The cupcakes are amazing.

What will you possibly do to top those for G?

happygeek said...

Those are truly amazing cupcakes.
Oh my.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful cupcakes! How long did it take you to decorate those?

Kim said...

Beautiful job on the cupcakes!

We just had "big" parties for our kids every 5 years. Worked out that both turned 15 while overseas so I compensated by throwing them surprise parties when they turned 17.

Oh, and they're 5 years apart. Didn't time that too well, did I? LOL

Kim said...

Girl ... I feel your pain as our 5 kiddos have Dec, Jan, Feb and March birthdays. Just let me say that I am totally impressed with your creativity! The cupcakes and birdhouses are awesome! What a great party and wonderful memories for Olivia!
P.S. You WOW us with your creative writing in every post!

Tricia said...

What a wonderful idea for the kind of party we have way too few of these days! say your cupcakes were stunning is a MASSIVE understatement! Happy Birthday, Olivia!

Jackie said...

Well, you said the magic words and now I am delurking. Disney World! Yep, you said it. As someone who enjoys Disney World...weekly (shhh! I am trying to act like that is normal), I feel like it is my responsibility to speak on behalf of all children (big and small) and help plead their case. Disney IS offering a free day on your birthday! And you would totally get you 'best mommy and daddy ever!' Just a thought. Oh, and I love your blog!

Jess said...

Are you kidding me with those cupcakes??? I was about to ask you to 'fess up and tell me who on earth can make such a cool cupcake! They are seriously awesome! I hope the kiddos eating them appreciated your talent :0)

Thanks for the congrats! We are over the moon...

The 5 Bickies said...

You are so creative...cute them, cute bird houses and super cute cupcakes!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Wonderfl party--one to be remembered by her forever.