Monday, January 26, 2009

E.R., but not on T.V.

Last Thursday night, Darius jammed the fire out of his thumb. It wasn't cause for alarm since he jams a finger playing basketball about once a week.

Since it bothered him all weekend, was very swollen, (and three shades of purple) by Sunday night, we thought we might need a second opinion and spent the morning in the ER having it X-Ray'd and treated.

I kept waiting for Dr. Doug Ross to come in the room so we could share some comedic banter.

I also wanted to ask if they needed a CBC and Chem. 7 stat but, apparently, they just needed about four nurses and P.A.s to ask the same questions, an actual physician to look at his finger for 52 seconds, and a mobile X-Ray machine.

It turns out he has a 'deep contusion with a possible hairline fracture'. The whole visit took a lot longer than 59 minutes with commercial breaks, but not nearly as long as I thought it would.

Darius was tough as nails, even with his very tender thumb, at least until one of the nurses was splinting it. He got really quiet, bit his lip and turned bright red. It was killing him to have them straighten it and put all that pressure on it. He was in enough pain that he needed a milkshake afterward. Oddly, he wasn't in enough pain to skip basketball practice this afternoon.

So weird how that works. Weird.


Henley on the Horn said...

I'm glad he's okay! I love that it took longer than 59 minutes without commercial breaks. You are great.

Kelley said...

I jammed my finger too in basketball! Like 2 weeks ago and its just now almost better.


Jen said...

It's not weird at all. Milkshakes should be drugs. They are that amazing.

Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

I am definitely related to Jen. I was going to comment that it's not surprising because milkshakes are powerful concoctions. But she already said so much.

Now I'm off to do my hair exactly like her...

Angela said...

Poor Boy!!Glad he made a quick recover for B-ball, though!!


ps. How's your meatless man doing??

Mrs. Troop said...

Don't you know that? Milkshakes cure everything! :-)