Monday, January 5, 2009


Friday morning, Dea and Darius came home. As many of you know, they had spent the week at their momma's house, while we, both us and them, took some time to pray about what this crazy situation will look like moving forward.

When Trey read the post I had written about why they left, he was again astounded at my uncanny ability to minimize a situation. It's a skill. We both had been deeply hurt and disrespected by the actions, and inactions, of these boys, but, I think we all knew they would be coming back. My temptation, in writing this blog, is to be painfully honest but, there are times when full-disclosure, simply for full-disclosure's sake, doesn't do anyone any good.

We've talked to them and explained to them that they're in a situation most kids their age will never be in and that requires decisions and commitments on their parts and ours. By living with their mom, they could have all kinds of freedom from accountability, curfews, and responsibilities. Lots of autonomy. We can't offer those same freedoms because we believe there's protection and love that comes from the humble, restraining hand of a parent.

We have a ton to learn in this process. And, we're all going to make mistakes along the way. Saying bad words is only the tip of my iceberg. Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragements. These boys, like our other four stinky children, are loved by us beyond words.


emily said...

Love you girl!

Hope Liv will forgive her very forgetful side of the family! Hope it was spectacular. :)

Traci@TotalMomsense said...

I keep going back to this very unspiritual, but suprisingly effective movie quote I use with my students- "Sucking the marrow out of life doesn't mean choking on the bone." (Robin Williams in Dead Poet's Society) Anyway- somebody has to stick his/her hand down their throat every once in a while and keep them from choking to death- thank you for caring- I pray for more people like you all every day! Happy Monday!

Holli said...

Well I have been away from blog land for awhile and just got caught up on the Hill Happenings! Merry Christmas, Hate those darn sinus infections, Happy Birthday O! and lastly PRAYING FOR YOUR BIG BOYS!
Happy New Year too!

D'Lyn said...

A friend led me to your blog last week. Two years ago, a friend's 16-year-old daughter spent the spring semester of school under our roof. Walking the balance of that tightrope was a challenge, but an incredible gift to us. We love Sara and loved having her with us -- and remember that time fondly. It gave us insight into parenting a teenager that I'm sure will come in handy in a few years. Those boys are truly blessed to have your love, support and guidance -- even if there are days they don't realize it!!!

Kim said...

A house is built of walls and beams;

A home is built of love and dreams!

Welcome Home!

Hauswife said...

Such good news! I'm sure there will be big challenges and the occasional setback, but WOW it is SO GREAT that they are home with the Hills. Thank you, Lord!