Monday, January 12, 2009

Pat Answer.

I love the way kids, when asked a question, any question, up until the age of about six, will answer Jesus, God, or any variation of the two.

Last night, over dinner, we were going around the table asking each other questions from a game we got over Christmas.

"What has been the greatest invention ever created?"

Sadie answered, "God's creation."

"Well, Sadie, what about in God's creation? You know, something invented."

"Ok, ok. I know. I know. Died on the cross."

"Um, ok, good one, Sadie. Tee, what do you think?"

"Guitar Hero."

Next question...


lmerie said...

That is sweet! tooo cute!

These Three Kings said...

I ditto that answer!! LOL!!

that was funny!

Holli said...

I think adjustable waist pants(wish they made them for adults:), A/C, heating, mascara, washing machines, dryers, dish washers.....OH did you just want one answer???

Ellen said...

Ahhh! That is hilarious! When my 4-year-old little bro prays he says, "Thank you for God, thank you for Jesus, thank you for the food... AMEN!" :)

Melanie said...

that reminds me of the time we asked the kid's Bible study class, "What is the best gift you ever got". We were teaching them about the Holy Spirit... and wanted to make a point.
Of course all the kids said stuff like, "Wii" or "my bike"... until we got to Sadie... "Sadie, what is the best gift you ever received?"... Sadie: "The Holy Spirit."
... well let's just shut this down for the day a go home!

Mrs. Troop said...

Love the new picture! :-)

Don't hate me - I'm not big on these things, but I gave you an award over at Mrs. Troop.

Only because I am truly selective in what blogs I read (it's a time thing) and yours is one that I so enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!

Jo said...

Found you over at Mrs. Troops today. You won an award. YEAAA! Now I know why. Enjoyed several posts here today. Blessings.

Tracey said...

Love it :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I have to share this with my church staff!