Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be my Cupcake, I mean Valentine.

Sometime back, before the first of the year, Hannah and Mindy asked me to help with a Valentines Lunch for the junior high girls in the ministry and their mentors. Of course! I'd love to help. Unless, of course, it involved making and decorating 150 cupcakes and speaking.

Oh, I'd have to do both? Uh, no thank you very much.

I think, at this point, I was hogtied and drugged. I don't remember. All I know is that we spent the good part of Friday baking and decorating cupcakes because Hannah is a food-snob and refused to serve cupcakes from Sam's.

I can say that because, 1. it's true, 2. she openly admits it, and 3. it's her birthday today. That one doesn't really have anything to do with anything but head on over and wish her a happy happy!

She wouldn't even let me use box cake mix. After I burned 48, and then made another 48 that tasted like cornbread muffins (go figure), I snuck to the store and bought yellow cake mix and whipped up another 48 faster than she could say, "Cake mix is for baking losers!"

They tasted awesome!

Here is my kitchen in process.

Notice the pans in the sink, the almonds for energy, and the wine glasses for, um, sanity.

We had a few helpers. Laura was a trooper. She's here from Ireland for six months and staying with Mindy and Garret. She has a really cool accent and calls jackets "jumpers". Sometimes, I like to pretend she's my Au Pair. Ok, not really, but she does love the heck out of these kids. The one she's holding is Jakeem. He calls her his girlfriend.

I'm honestly not sure who the other child is but he was here for a while Friday night and, from the look of the frosting all over his face, his job was the 'Official Sampler'.

These were more of our helpers. Just between you and me, I had them decorating the reject 'cornbread cupcakes' with canned frosting from the back of my pantry. Then, when they were finished, we had a "special tray" for their cupcakes.

Is that wrong? Maybe, but Hannah had me scared and she was watching.

I wasn't exaggerating about how many we made.

And garnished.


And there was lots of yummy salad, too. You know, because everyone needs their roughage.

Great fellowship.

And a few of these cuties.

The mentors and young ladies had a great time celebrating and talking about who the Lord has created us to be as young women. From what was said, it is certainly much different from what the world tells us to be. That's right, I'm talking to you Kanye.

You can tell I was speaking while this picture was taken. The young lady is texting her friend at another table something like, "Gr8, how much longer is this woman gonna talk? She is wearin' me OUT!"

Here's Mindy. She and Hannah brung it!

It was an amazing time. We had some incredible volunteers who gave up their day of Valentine pedicures to help set up, serve food, and clean up. They made the event a smashing success.

And, thankfully, not one of the 'cornbread cupcakes' touched anyone's lips.


Henley on the Horn said...

My personal favorite was "and I don't know who this kid is, but he was obviously "the official sampler'". You humor me!! Thanks for sharing. What a great way to celebrate Valentine's day. Do you ever do anything selfish??

Holli said...

looks like a very fun Valentines Day!
Love the cupcake with the sprinkles on the rim - how does a girl get that to happen? that is what I would have texted my friend about while you were speaking!:)

hannahgarippa said...

Thank YOU for bringin it...from your incredible cupcake decorating skills to your speaking are amazing and I'm so grateful for your you.

happygeek said...

Those cupcakes looked too good to eat!

emily said...

The cupcakes look amazing and I'm sure you spoke beautifully!

Jess said...

If I had known my two favorite foods were there, I would have spoken for you....I love me some salad, and love, love me some cupcakes. What a wonderful event for young women!

Jen said...

1. The food AND cupcakes tasted amazing

2. You did a great job along with the other ladies

3. I love Red Hots while the girls at the table thought they were the most horrible thing ever. More for me!

Also what book did you read from? I would love to get a copy of that passage. Very powerful!

Jen said...

Found the passage--When God Weeps.

It's funny--I had just pulled that book off my shelf to read this past weekend and when you read that I was almost sure that is where it was from.

missy said...

love your blog. i especially loved this post b/c mindy is a dear friend. it was fun to see her shining face. too bad you didn't have the nasty, but fabulous viking costume to wear while speaking.