Monday, February 23, 2009

In the eyes of the beholder.

Last summer, when we were in Aspen, we went into an art gallery with the kids. They love going to art galleries but for some reason, the galleries don't necessarily love my children. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe it's because they're young and sometimes have the remnants of ice cream on their faces. Or it's because they sense the clumsiness that eminates from my pores and therefore must have been passed down to my children.

In one gallery, Olivia literally walked head-on into a sculpture priced at $325,000. The gallery manager followed closely behind us the rest of the time. Maybe she could tell we weren't carrying that much cash on us. I was wearing Crocs which is a dead giveaway.

Graham, kept dragging me around the gallery pointing out the still life, abstract, and pointilissm pieces. He was six.

Needless to say, the kids have a pretty terrific art teacher at school. They've brought home some beautiful things that I've hung all over the house.

Every once in a while, though, they come home with pieces that I'm honestly just not sure what to do with.

For example...

It's clearly an abstract, I mean, with the feathers and all. Graham loves it and wants to know where it will be placed in our home. I'm thinking Nanny's gonna need a homemade Mother's Day Gift this year. Problem solved.

And last year there was this one.

"Mom, it's a girl playing soccer! Can't you tell?"

Oh, totally. Totally.

I have tried to file it away in the trash several times but just can't bring myself to get rid of it. Instead, I dust it and keep it on a shelf. I mean, it has my baby girl's fingerprints all over it. She created something out of nothing just like the Lord does with us. And someday, when the veil is lifted, we will finally see the beautiful work of art He created all of us to be.

Just like this guy.
Or, maybe not.


lmerie said...

Perfect timing for this post! As I am cleaning out a closet and some drawers, what to do with some of this?? Fun post!


emily said...

think they are beautiful! Remind me to tell you a great idea a friend had for all of the art from her kids.
Remember it isn't only the art galleries that aren't warm and fuzzy in Aspen. :) Cooper Street loved us!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

So is "Willem De Kooning" your girl's publicity name?

Jess said...

Oh I can see those art gallery peeps now...that is too funny!

Some of those creative abstracts were meant for the nanny and maw-maw gang. My mom (maw-maw) has several abstract drawings and creations decorating her living room. :0)

Hauswife said...

Hahaha, I've got too many hmmmm art projects around my house, too, but then again, maybe that's because I'm the one teaching them! A little frightening indeed.