Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just call me Rover and guest devotional.

I've spent the majority of the morning pacing by the front door, sitting by the window, nose pressed up against the glass.

I'm like a dog only without all the hair and I don't dig through the trash when I'm home alone.

Trey, Tee, and Olivia are on their way home from their Tour de Tejas and it's been almost a week since I've seen their faces! I can't wait to lick, I mean kiss, them when they walk through the door.

In the meantime, I did a little guest devotional over at Christian Women Online Magazine's Internet Cafe.

Head on over and check it out, or destructively chew something. That's what I'll be doing.


Candy said...

Love the re-telling of the story of conflict resolution, forgiveness and redemption lived out in Tee & Graham. And we'll all be so glad to see the Texas Travelers on their return and hear the tales of the road trip.
Love you!

Mama P said...

What a picture of Jesus redeeming your children! Oh that I will get glimpses of that fruit in my own tow boys. Thank you for sharing! ~E. Porter

These Three Kings said...

WOW! Look at the LORD using you EVERYWHERE! that is exciting! I hope you didn't slobber the fam down to bad! :)

I am thankful for how the LORD uses you in my life as well..Come on over and get your blog award