Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Off to war.

My brother left the country last week on his way back to the war. He left behind his family, his home, and all the comforts that go with it. I talked to him as he was getting on the plane to take him wherever it is he is asked to go.

His heart was breaking for his son who had to say goodbye once again to his daddy.
I asked him how his wife was holding up. He said, "She's a rock. She's always a rock for both of us."

They love Jesus and are learning that life in Him holds trials, suffering, and unexpected joys found in following his call anywhere - even a war-torn country on the other side of the world.

Please join me in praying for my brother, Bryan, his wife and sons, and the men that are with him.

"You have filled my heart with greater joy that when their grain and new wine abound. I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8-7



Cole said...

My prayers are with you! My post is about the same thing- my brother is in the Army, and I brought him to the airport this morning. His leave ended and he's back on his way to Afghanistan.

Holli said...


emily said...

He is added to our list of nightly people to pray for. Really proud of him, and the sacrifices his sweet family makes for our country.

Jess said...

Mel- My brother in law is leaving for Afghanistan in August. I am so proud of these men, but feel deeply for their wives and children. I will pray for your brother!

Candy said...

Bunty and I are praying every day for Brian, Donna and the boys. I pray that He know Jesus in a richer way on His return home than when he left.
If the enemy is smart, they'll head for cover when they see Brian coming! He is such a SEAL!

Traci said...

We're praying for him. Would you do me a favor and tell him thank you- with your voice- the next time you're able to talk to him? I know e-mails and notes are nice, but just let him know we really do appreciate his sacrifice and do not take it lightly. Tell his wife thank you too. I cannot even imagine what it must be like.

Thank you to all of you- it's a big sacrifice to make, I am so very thankful for people like him and for your family for supporting him.

fivehawks2 said...

We will pray for your brother and his family. May God keep them and make His face to shine upon them.

In His love...


Cheryl said...

The men and women that serve our country are amazing to me. Their strength and courage... the sacrifice they so willingly make to protect and defend our country is truly honorable. Thank you doesn't seem like a big enough word for the heartfelt appreciation I have for those that serve and the families that wait for their safe return.

Our family will be praying for Bryan and his family.

To Bryan... "For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways" Psalm 91:11

Henley on the Horn said...

We are praying for Bryan and all of those who are serving our country. I am very, very thankful for them!!!

Abby said...

Incredibly proud, to say the least, of people like this. Our fam prays often for all who sacrifice and serve. Amazing, amazing people (them and their families.)

Jen said...

Praying for him and his family. What a sacrifice they make for us.

Guard Wife said...

We have the very same flag hanging on our front door as my husband is at train-up right now to go to the sandbox. My younger cousin is there now on his 2nd tour. We will add your brother to the list of military personnel we pray for by name each day. {{Hugs}}

Anonymous said...


Our prayers and thoughts for Bryan and family.
We are very proud of all he has done for our
country, and praise his family for their love and

Pat and Dale