Thursday, March 12, 2009

One is born every minute.

Dea and Darius' cousin, K'jerell, stopped by the other night just to hang out with the guys.

We quickly found out, he had ulterior motives. He brought this.

He was given the stinkin'-cutest-puppy-ever from a friend and now couldn't feed it.

"My momma's making me put it out and I was wondering Mrs. Trey, if you could keep it, uh, or I could sell it to you."

I reminded him that he wasn't necessarily in the best bargaining position.


Seriously, do I have "SUCKER" stamped across my forehead? Anyone have some fabulous oceanfront property in Arizona they're looking to unload? Apparently, just give me a call.

Now, looking directly at my beaming children, I said with great conviction, "We'll keep him TEMPORARILY until we can find him a home. Understand?"

Why were my children smirking?

My hope is that there is someone out there who is an even bigger sucker than me, and you'll drop me a comment or an email before my kids get home from school and commence with the begging.

Meanwhile, I'll be waiting...with this little buddy in my pocket.



missy said...

temporarily=approximately 10-12 years. at least that is what it meant when we "temporarily" took a puppy! what a darling accessory it could be though!

hannahgarippa said...

a) I love how you throw around the term are so from west dallas.

b) I've seen this puppy and it is as cute as it looks on this blog.

c) even though it is cute, I am still saying no.

d) I love big sucker.

Henley on the Horn said...
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Henley on the Horn said...

I don't know how to erase, apparently! Love your new accessory! How big will he be when he grows into an adult dog? Too cute. You have the funniest things happen to you!

Misty said...

one brown eye and one blue!? he is a cutie. if we had a fence i might get him from you!! :)

Candy said...

Caddie Woodlawn takes off and we replace her with this precious puppy who may turn out to be a not so precious adult dog???? I love you sucker, er I mean, Melissa!

Susan said...

Yup...still have Oreo the stray Border Collie puppy at our house 2 months later and we've spent money on him at the vet! My "sucker" tank is full over here!! You know, Emily suddenly has room for more dogs!! :)

LoLa said...

keep that puppy! it's providence. and soooooooooo cute, plus it's another plot point for your blog!

Kim said...

from one sucker to another ... that pup is adorable and looks like the perfect addition to your family! :o)

emily said...

He is awfully cute- S.U.C.K.A!!! :) Bring him on Saturday, we have gotten very good at reducing the dog population.

Can't wait to see you and your fam.

Guard Wife said... puppies usually are!

We adopted a 3-year-old chocolate lab last fall and can't remember a time before him. I should say, he was not necessarily for us.


He was for our golden retriever who literally lost 1/3 of her body weight grieving the death of our wonder mutt when he died at the ripe old age of almost 14. Our vet advised us we needed to get a dog for our dog...NOW who is a sucker?!

Good luck!

Jess said...

Oh my goodness it is lucky for me that I don't live in Dallas!

Cole said...

Oh, my! What an adorable puppy!!! I have the same "sucker" stamp across my forehead. Good thing I live nowhere near you, or I'd happily take that cute little thing off your hands!!

Holli said...

SORRY if I took the dog my husband might throw me and the pup on the street! so unless you want a 28 year old and a puppy on your door step - you might want to just stick with the pup!

Karin Katherine said...

to you it's sucker on your forehead to your kids its GREATEST MOM EVER. You choose.

Ellen said...

She's more precious in real life. Those pictures don't do her ssssoooooffffttt fur justice.