Wednesday, March 18, 2009

San Antonio on my mind.

I've been out of pocket the past few days because I needed to take care of something in San Antonio.

It was my relationship with my pillow.

My dear friend Madelyn has a husband who knows when a lady needs a break and invited me to accompany his wife to a Spa in S.A. for a couple of days.

We had an amazing time sleeping,talking, getting massaged, pedicured, manicured, talking and sleeping some more.

It was obvious we had not traveled without our husbands for a while when we almost missed our flight, got "a little turned around" more than once, and took a few tries to get to our floor via the elevator.

"I think it's broken."

"Totally broken. You try."

"Oh, yeah, broken."

Or you had to put your room key in some top-secret slot to get to your floor. Seasoned travelers we were not.

We did have a fabulous time, plenty of rest, and a great dinner with my sister-in-law Kelley.

It's amazing how many conversations you can finish when your children are home with their incredibly sweet daddies, and you're at the spa.

Stepping off the plane yesterday, I got my first sign that I was home again. Darius called and immediately put his friend Bull on the phone. Apparently, their game of "Madden 08" had gotten a little physical and somehow, "Uh, Mrs. Trey, I kinda put a hole in your wall."

Kinda as in kinda didn't?

No, that would be kinda did.

Welcome home!



Traci@TotalMomsense said...

It's kind of like when my then 2-year old knawed big holes in the back of one of my BRAND NEW dining room chairs and my mother said that one day I would laugh and end up loving that the chair had been chewed and marred because it would bring back good memories of kids being at home. She's 8 now, I'm still waiting to find the humor and appreciation!

Here's to you holy walls!

happygeek said...

Glad you had a break.
Well at least it's only kinda a hole:)

Jess said...

Good! You deserved the time away!

Oatsvall Team said...

when i need a good dose of humor and reality i always drop by for a visit and you never disappoint ... My Elijah loves to say "I kinda spilled all the chips on the floor, or I kinda forgot to flush, or I kinda wrote on the wall, or I kinda wore my new shoes in the mudd !!!!

I kinda wish I could disappear right now !!!! hee hee

These Three Kings said...

. ..welcome back!! glad you were able to get some rest... :)
sorry about the wall

emily said...

So glad you got a break! We had so much fun with S and G. :)