Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tour de Tejas.

Somewhere between "I do" and "Happy 7th Anniversary", Trey developed a Type A personality in a few separate, but oddly related, categories.

1. Packing for a move. I don't even bother to pack a box because he will, in the cover of darkness, unpack the whole thing and repack in a more organized, logical way. Instead, I get to clean. Definitely drew the short straw on that one, didn't I?

2. Packing for a road trip. His suitcase looks like someone who cares how their clothes look once they actually arrive at their destination. Mine looks like I'm so stinkin' excited to be going somewhere that I don't care if the shoes are on top of the white tank top or if I'll need to spend the first day of vacation ironing.

3. Itinerary for a road trip. We always have a manila folder handy with maps, reservation confirmations, and anything else I would have forgotten on the kitchen counter were it my responsibility.

Otherwise, a very laid back guy, Trey can get downright testy when it comes to travel which made my prayers for him this week all the more fervent.

Our kids are studying Texas History this year and Trey felt like the time had come to take an historical tour of the Friendly State. They've been gone all week and have kept me updated along the way via text and mobile snapshots.

One of their favorite stops so far was the Snake Farm which isn't necessarily a part of Texas history but incredibly important to our culture all the same. Second on the list was the Slurpees they got just before reaching Goliad. The Slurpees had beat out the fresh Dr. Pepper floats from the Dr. Pepper Museum but both were given a run for their money on the list of greatness when Tee found an "artifact" digging at Presidia La Bahia.

"I think I'm gonna be on the news with my artifact!" He also says 'ankshint' instead of ancient which makes the whole thing even cuter.

They've been to the Capitol, to the Alamo, to the cousins, and the beach. It's been a gift to share this time with their Daddy who has let a lot of the whole 'orderly packing' thing go along with the rule of 'no ice-cream for breakfast.'

They've journaled about their trip, taken lots of pictures, and been missed like crazy by us all. I can't wait to hear what stories percolate to the top of the list once they're back home again. Hopefully, they've picked up a hairbrush for Olivia somewhere along the way - somehow, one didn't quite make it into her suitcase.

A fact which, I'm sure, has been like kryptonite to Trey, the Superman of road trips.

Have a great weekend!


Henley on the Horn said...

What a great Daddy! Did he take all 6 children or the 4 youngest? I am impressed! I hope you have enjoyed some nice alone time if they are all gone!

Jill said...

I am most impressed that you let them go without you...that says alot about you as a mom and a wife. Kudos to you, I might slip that example into my repitueau (Sp?)for the future.

Jen said...

I have been to the Snake Farm--just outside of Austin. It it is WAY more than snakes and more like a small, interactive zoo. I was almost jumped by some Ilamas as I was inside the fence area. Long story but very fun place!

Holli said...

What GREAT memories with Dad! and such a nice week for the mom.
Am I a bad mom for saying that?!:)

emily said...

So fun. I've enjoyed thinking about them all week. Bunty was mad he didn't know the snake farm was on the agenda. He might have hitched a ride.

Tricia said...

we loved running into them at the Capitol on Tuesday. It sounds like a wonderful trip (minus that snake farm place, HAH!). kudos to you for holding down the fort in their absence. oh, and I LOVED seeing your gorgeous face on the cover of "Briefing" upon returning home!