Sunday, April 5, 2009


Saturday was our Annual West Dallas Eggstravaganza and boy howdy what a time we had. The event is sponsored by several neighborhood ministries and churches around the city and volunteers came out in droves to make sure a fun time was had by all.

This is one of the several bounce houses set up for the kids. We had to implement a 'kids only' rule when we found Hannah in line several times saying things like, "You wanna race? Yeah? You wanna piece of me? Yeah? Bring it!" to the seven year olds standing with her. Embarrassing.

I, on the other hand, couldn't leave this man's side. I was angling to score some free fries and McDoubles but he was a no go.

I think he was an impostor because those shades weren't even real Ray-Bans and no way would the real Ronald be wearing some wookies. That's 'hood lingo for fakes.

I love this picture because in the back is a little boy named J'Twan. He was in line for one of the other bounce houses and I never saw him go anywhere else. I liked that he was committed.

Now this is a picture of a precious little angel sitting so pretty on the dunking booth.

And here are the mean, stinky boys winding up to take her down. They look very serious.

They had pretty good aim...

The actual Easter egg hunts were so fun and a little bigger than we expected.

The weather was perfect and we ended up having over 1000 people so we ended up with a few sad little munchers.

No worries though, after I took this, I made sure she got herself some major egg goodness and she was all happy again.

I would love to have some pictures of the Second Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest but Trey "ran out of time". Truth is, I think he was scared I might win or at least come in a close second to my mother-in-law. And the thought of it grossed him out a little.


hannahgarippa said...

Next year I'm just going to let those seven year olds win...I have obstacle course burn on my arm...ouch!!! They were tough competitors though, but no match for Miss Hannah.

And I would have paid serious money to see Mamelissa and Miss Candy snarf down some hot dogs.

Candy said...

It was major disappointment for me! I had even limited myself to only one dog beforehand so as to leave plenty of room for my 'dog eatin' winnin' number of dogs'. We'll go at it next year!
What a great time! Gets better every year.
Candy (the mother in law who can eat some dogs! or anything else, for that matter.)

emily said...

Crack me up- Issy had a ball and we spotted her determined little face in one of the egg hunt shots! :)

I'm afraid to say that I would have been with Hannah- those things bring out the competitor in me every time.

Sue said...

Looks like a great time was had by all... except maybe that one little girl - hee hee

Caroline said...

Haha. I would have given anything to see you and Candy battle it out with the hot dogs!

So loved seeing you as always!

Becca said...

You cannot believe how much i love seeing these pictures and seeing how other people's hearts are turned to the inner-city - especially the kiddos! :-) thanks for doing what you're doing -- I do much of the same thing in Atlanta, and I love it! :-)