Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary.

Fourteen years ago, Trey and I were married in a little town in Mexico surrounded by family and friends.

Last Thursday, some sweet friends kept the kids so we could sneak away for a night and celebrate.

And fish. We've found when we get away, we need to plan an activity. Otherwise, we end up with these...

Oh, I kid. Trey loves to bass fish but has been so crazy busy lately, he hasn't had a chance to go so we went to a friend's lake house for a little chillaxin with our tackle boxes.

This was Trey's first catch of the day. It took him 1.4 seconds to catch it.

Mine was a clam.

Somewhere in the lake, in one of the underwater convention centers, this clam had attended a motivational seminar where he had heard the quote, "you miss 100 percent of the worms you don't take a shot at..." and he just went for it. My bait was twice his size but I liked his moxy.

Here was my first fish. I was pretty excited. The fish did not share my emotion.

I had fantasies all day of screaming, as I'm fighting to reel in my ginormous catch, "Oh, yeah, look at this one! He's a HOG! Look at him!!" But alas, my biggest catch weighed about 1.5 pounds - roughly the same as our betta fish, Bob.

Nevertheless, we had a great time and enjoyed the rare opportunity to look each other in the eye and actually finish a sentence without being interrupted.

After fourteen years, I love the man more today than the day I married him. He points me to Christ, challenges me, loves me when I'm unlovable, and has given me some pretty incredible children.

Looking forward to many, many more with him by my side.

Thanks to all of you who were so encouraging to my brother and ya'll asked some great questions. His answers are all ready and will be up tomorrow morning!


Holli said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

emily said...

That is the best picture!!

I remember the wedding well, so many great memories from Mexcio.

Did your lips actually touch that fish?

Donna said...

Happy Anniversary!

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad you enjoyed your time together without a child hanging on your leg!

Looking forward to hearing your brother's answers.

hannahgarippa said...

You look hot in that picture...

You know I can't picture Trey with short hair. I think you should do a post on the many stylings of Trey-Trey Hill.

hannahgarippa said... know I think you look hot all the time...even when you are wearing that awful denim shirt that is like 40 times too big for you.

Henley on the Horn said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary!!! Thank you for sharing! I loved the pics & that you need a planned activity!Hilarious

Guard Wife said...

Happy anniversary!! :)

Candy said...

You know, seeing all those little "carefuls" reminded me of another blog subject. Love the new pic! And, a blessed 14th to you both!

Sue said...

Happy Anniversary Melissa! God bless you both the next 14... and more! :-)

P.S. Thanks too for sharing your fun fishing pics! Looks like you're ready for the Bass Pro circuit!

The Andersons said...

Happy Anniversary! I found your blog through your sister's, whose blog I found through someone else's since we are adopting from Ethiopia as well. I have loved reading your blog and praying for your ministry. Then I discovered a connection with our friends the Kings and Common Ground in Montgomery.

May God bless your ministry. Please keep blogging - its some of my best reading (as one who feels very far from the Pi Phi house).

Becca said...

Happy Anniversary :-) Y'all are such a beautiful couple (clearly inside and out!)

Jess said...

Happy Anniversary!!

You look great even kissing a fish!