Tuesday, April 7, 2009

He might need to be careful what he wishes for or ask a soldier a question!

Ok, so a few posts back, I wrote about my brother. He's a Navy SEAL serving someplace that I don't have the security clearance to know. 'In the war, somewhere that you're not invited' is about all I got out of him. Apparently, he doesn't appreciate all the times I pretended I was Sydney Bristow and ran with 'Knife Hands' around the house.

So that you don't think it's strange for me not to have access to something, Trey won't give me the key to Mercy Street that opens every door in the place, including the pantry where they store all the candy, either. It would be a real tragedy to me if I didn't know that inner-city kids don't really like Milk Duds or Diet Coke so there's nothing in there that I really want anyway, except maybe some Hot Cheetos.

Anyway, my brother wrote me this email last night and said things like this...

Long time reader, long time complainer. I'm sending you this e-mail because I wasn't going to "throw you under the bus" on your blog. Here's the deal: So, I'm overseas, trying to do my job...One itsy, bitsy thing that I have is my morale. One of the means I have to keep my morale high is reading your blog. Let's just say I'm a loyal "hoodmamamel" follower. My week has progressed steadily and that is a good thing but therein lies a problem. (Are you seeing where I'm going with this?) I completely understand that you're a very busy woman and lots of people rely on you every day. However, your loyal blog followers are waiting for an update...C'mon Mel, throw us a bone here. I have thought about starting a petition in order to get this thing rolling but geography makes it difficult at best....

Apparently, he thinks sarcasm is a spiritual gift.

He was a wee bit testy that I hadn't posted in a while and so I had an idea. What if you, the two of you besides him that read my blog, write questions for him in the comments section and he can answer them for us. You can also email them to me at tmthill@yahoo.com. They can be about anything from his thoughts on the progress of the war, to his favorite Easter Candy. If he can't answer your question because, you know, National Security and all, we'll move onto the next. It will be like Anderson Cooper only I'll be wearing fuzzy slippers and my retainer.

Since he's kinda busy with top-secret-ninja stuff, I'll give him a week and post his response next Tuesday.

He definitely got the humorous genes in the family so it should be entertaining. And if you're like him and have read for a while and never commented (read:stalker) now's your chance! Seriously. Do it now.

I'll start with one.

Bryan (if that's even your real name) what do you and your people do in your free time overseas, if any, for entertainment?



Valerie said...

I just found out that my nephew will be deployed in September, probably to Afghanistan. I'd like to know what are some of the favorite things your brother gets in care packages from home.

Sheila said...

I wish I could think of something funny to say or ask, but all I can think of is THANK YOU!. I have two daughters who are 12 and 8, and you are helping secure their future, and I am so very grateful to you for that. This isn't a trite 'thanks for serving our country' - and I hope that doesn't ever sound trite, but I do want you to know how heartfelt this is. I guess one question I have is 'how can I pray for you?'. God bless you and your family!

LoLa said...

I like the free time question. Is the food good? What is your favorite mess hall meal?

(p.s. I'm a theta too, though that has nothing to do with how I ended up reading your blog.)


Jess said...

Hey "Brian"- :0)

Did you know you wanted to be a Navy Seal for a long time before you enlisted? How long does it take to train and was it seriously brutal?

Ok that was two questions. I have a third but I am thinking people will think I am a four year old if I write it...

Thank you for serving our country! Happy Easter!!!

Amy said...

Any good stories about Melissa growing up? :) (Seems like the boy should at least have some fun with this!) Thanks for what you're doing. As the wife of a former military man, I appreciate the sacrifices you're making.

Love the blog, Melissa! And I know you're super busy and I don't want to pressure you to write more, but I do miss it when it's not there!

Cole said...

First of all "Brian" - THANK YOU!!

My brother is in the Army - currently deployed to a FOB in Afghanistan, and wrote to me a few days ago that his bunk got stolen from their tent. It re-appeared in the showers!

What (if any) practical jokes are the men in your battalion/brigade/team pulling on each other to keep up morale?

Lauren said...

brian, i have several humdingers for you:

1) what is your favorite war movie?
2) what is the most exotic thing you have eaten?
3) if you could stock up on one author's books for free, whose stuff would you choose?
4) do you believe in UFOs? (i understand if you can't answer that because of national security... hahaha)

thanks for serving our country!

Jennifer K. said...

Ohhhh, I do despise that word stalker. :)

I love to follow your blog to read about your life and especially what's going on with all the kids that you minister to, but no, don't think I've ever commented. Sooo, to relieve myself of the "stalker" title, here's a question for your bro: What do you miss most about the states when you are deployed (aside from the obvious, family, because who wouldn't miss your awesome sister??!). I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service and think that you and all of your soldier peeps rock!! :)

Jill said...

I too just wait for my sidebar to light up with a new post, cause I love the antics of West Dallas. Flaming hot cheetos are so good with iced tea too, the diet coke makes it burn even more. So milk duds are Melissa's fav, what is your favorite candy?

hannahgarippa said...

Is it true that you told your trusting, wonderful, super-smart sister to smell the deep-end of the pool and she did, not once but twice?

Bry's wife said...

1-What is the fastest land animal?
2- Is Demi Moore still an active SEAL? Charlie Sheen?? Micheal Bien???
3- If my head was made of veal, never mind, it's a math question.
4-How come you don't hear the "p" is psycho?
5-Do you know how much I love you?

Steven said...

Hi Dad-
got questions.
you haven't bought me a shirt have you ?
Is it hot
do you miss tabby
is mom in trouble for showing me this
love u bye :)

Traci@TotalMomsense said...

Hello from Tennessee! My kiddos (and by kiddos I don't mean the 8 and 12 year old I live with- I mean the 16 year olds I am currently TRYING to teach English to) want to know two things:

1. What is your "coolest" (my word) "tightest" (their word) piece of equipment?

2. What is the one thing you really like about your day-to-day job?

3. What advice do you have for someone who wants to be a SEAL?

(And clearly, math is not their strong suit because they asked 3, not 2 questions)

Erika Marie said...

Hoodmama's brother:

Would you rather be a ninja that couldn't throw a ninja star straight or a pirate that was afraid of water?

These Three Kings said...

Thank you for serving our country! We are blessed beyound measure to have people like you to risk their lives for sooo many!!!

**Do you have any fears about returning home after serving for so long?? If so what are they??

**What else(other than your sisters blog :)) encourages you to press on while you are in the midst of such challenging times??

Candy said...

Well, I loved reading Donna's questions. Donna, we pray for you and the boys too, you know! Bryan, this is Candy, Trey's mom:
So I've watched the SEAL training on Discovery Channel. What was the most difficult portion of the training? How in the world did you survive the ocean torture (lying side by side in the freezing Pacific)?
We pray for you and your men daily. We too praise the Lord for your patriotism.
God bless you, Bryan!

Holli said...

no question!!! Just a big THANK YOU to your brother and his "brothers" (sisters too) who serve our country!!!!

pcb said...

From an Army brat...thanks for your service.

Other than family, what do you miss most about the states?

happygeek said...

So, if you could change anything about your sister, what would it be?
Cheez-it's or Cheez-nips?
Best place to watch the sunset?
Favorite ride at an amusement park?
What's your favorite thing about your job?

The Huffstetlers said...

I'm an admitted blog stalker from Waxahachie, Texas.

What is the one food you can't wait to eat when you get home?

Thank you for everything you're doing over there!

Melissa, thank you for allowing me to stalk you. :o)

Kelli said...

What is the first thing you are going to do when you get home? A month later?

Carlee said...

Wow. "Stalker." I thought in blog world it was "lurker." Never mind, that sounds worse. In any case--I have been reading for a while, never commented. Not even sure how I got here in the first place, but I am married to a church planting pastor, and have a huge heart for the inner city, and taking in people who need homes (we are on number 3), etc. So, I check in here often!

Thanks to your brother for serving. My dad, uncles and grandfathers were long time Navy men--all of them--and proud of it. WW2, Korea, Nam...they served and now serve at home.

Here's my question: What do you eat when you are away? MREs? Local food? And what food do you miss?

Thanks! Carlee

Kim said...

Oh, this is gonna be fun :-) Lovin' the questions already posted. Just have one more:
What's the strangest thing you've ever received in a care package?

Best Life said...

Another stalker here....I came out of my safe (just read and be quiet so no one knows I'm here) place just for your brother, "Brian".

I was doing OK until I read the comments from Brian's wife and son. Waaahhhh!!! I know you all must miss each other painfully.

My question is what can those of us that don't have any loved ones in the military do to encourage the troops?

Thanks! Lisa~

Cristi said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do to help keep our country and families safe!!!!
I'd like to know what your typical day is like, if you can share any of it with us.

and 2 became 5 said...

Do you live on milk duds and diet coke like your sister?
and when you read the headlines - or hear about the goings on over here in america - what encourages you most? and what do you wish we all knew so that we could support you best?

Lana said...

Bryan, I want to say "Thank You" not only to you, but also to your family. You are ALL sacrificing for us! From the bottom of my heart, "Thank You"!

My question is this: What would it mean for an American soldier, serving in the Middle East, to receive a Bible?

OK, the reason for my question: I'm a children's pastor, getting ready to kick off a mission project in conjunction with our VBS. We pour a lot of good stuff into our kids during VBS and we always encourage our kids to "return the favor" by pouring into others. This year, we're challenging our kids to buy Bibles to send to Americans in the military.

I think it would be really helpful for the kids, if they could hear from an actual soldier.

Thanks for your time...and I hope you're not too aggravated with your sister for putting you on the spot with all of this!

Lana, Bloomington, IN

Coneymama said...

First of all let me give a big Texas size thank you for serving our beautiful country! Now, ever have insomnia over there?...I do and that's why I up on this blog at midnight, but during those times when sleep won't come as easily, what goes through your mind? Second question: Any advice to give my 21 year old nephew soon to head to boot camp in the Air Force?

Grammyglasses said...

No questions, I've already asked them all. Just stay safe and come home soon.

Sitesx6 said...

Most awesome protector of our country and freedoms-

What is the hardest part of your job-besides not bathing or brushing your teeth for a week because you are on a top secret mission. Also, you can't say missing your family, because I'm sure that stinks the most.

Also, what fast food joint do you miss the most right now?

Thanks for all you do!

Sitesx6 said...

sorry I have one more question I just have always wanted to ask....

I often see Military people at airports or out and about, I so badly want to go up to them and thank them and shake their hand but would feel like a dork...but would you, a soldier find that odd or would you appreciate that gesture?

Jess said...

I think sarcasm and humor genes run in the family. But, I could be wrong. . . .


Did you vote for McCain or Obama and Why?

I really appreciate the work you do.