Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I may be the reason.

After President George W. Bush left office, there was some speculation as to where he might move.


Fort Worth?


Ok, not a chance he'd move to Minneapolis. Not that there aren't wonderful people in that fine state but, I'm pretty sure you can't find places like this in Minnesota.

That my friends is what you call a deal-breaker.

Fortunately, for us here in the Lone Star State, he moved back home to our fair city. Not necessarily my side of the city, but Dallas all the same. His presence has created quite the buzz. We know where he bikes, where he works out, and how he likes his coffee. Actually, that last one I made up but you get my point.

Friday night, Graham, a friend of Sadie's, and I were on our way to pick up Tee from his 4th grade trip. Sadie was warming up for her season-opener-exhibition-T-ball game in the hood so Trey and I had to divide and conquer.

I remembered about half-way there I had not fed the children so we popped into our favorite sandwich shop. As we got out of the car, I heard a teenage boy on the sidewalk shout to his friend, "Hey! Bush is eating over at the grill! There are Secret Service everywhere!"

Next thing out of my mouth was, "Graham! Layne! Back in the car! We've gotta check something out!"

Now let's stop here for just a minute because, reading this, you may think I'm crazy.

1. I love myself a good celebrity sighting.

2. A year and a half ago, our family had the privilege of having brunch with the former President so the likelihood that he was going to see me, bear-hug me, and invite me and my children to dine with he and the First Lady was highly likely. Or, not even a little - especially since Graham and Layne were both ear to ear in sticky, popsicle residue.

As I drove by at a near crawl, I snapped a few pictures with my phone of the Secret Service and police camped outside the restaurant.

Look how disgusting my windshield is!

Here they are, pointing.

I actually think they're pointing at Potbelly's and saying, "They have a fabulous Turkey sandwich! You should try it!"

OOOOOhhh. Foreshadowing.

Although we didn't actually see the former President and his bride, it was pretty exciting.

And clearly, I don't get out much.

We popped back over to our little sandwich shop and low and behold, who was standing in line ordering an Original Turkey with peppers and no tomatoes?


I might as well have been twelve and standing behind Nick Jonas.

This fine protector of our Nation's Former Leader of the Free World and All That Stuff was gracious enough to snap a picture with Graham and Layne.

For the record, I did ask if he would be willing to remove his University of Texas lanyard that held his official Secret Service I.D., and replace it with something less offensive - say, a Texas A&M one.

He said no. And who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? However, next time I'm dining with the Former President (read: never, I'm sure, thanks to this post), I might encourage him to hire more staff from that little school south on the Brazos in College Station.

All this to say, if the newest celebrity Dallas resident and Former President suddenly puts his house on the market in a quest for a quieter, more private residence, there's a possibility I'm to blame.



Sitesx6 said...

Fun Post....you rock for getting a picture with the Secret Service dude.

Can you imagine all the hoopla, just to go grab a sandwich...poor G.W. !!!!

Keep up the stalking! We want more just like this post!
Kelly in Michigan

emily said...

Oh my goodness, that is funny! This should become a weekly segment- your kids pics with secret service or the President. :)

Jen said...

hahahaha...wow, that was hilarious!!

Holli said...

did you ask the "secret" service guy if he would like to go public on your blog!;)
guess he is no secret anymore!

have I told you lately how much I love your blog???

Caroline said...

loved this. I too have had this secret, or not so secret now, desire to run into the Bushes somewhere. its one of my goals before I move, and thus I always have my eyes peeled around here! one day friend..one day!

Becca said...

Haha :-) fun story! So Dallas? I was wondering where you did inner-city stuff . . . I'm in Atlanta!

Jess said...

Soooo funny!!! You know I would have done the same thing. At least you have actually meet him before...I saw on the news people camping out at his new home before they officially moved in...

Danni said...

Mercury looks suspiciously familiar.