Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rite of passage.

Tee was born a creature of habit. Every morning he would wake up, at the crack of dawn to be specific, and go through his morning ritual.

"Mom, can I have some chocolate milk? Double squirt, double warm? And will you tuck me up - upside-down flat? And can I read the Bible?"

Translation: "Mom, I like my milk in my sippy-cup with the blue top, two squirts of Hershey's chocolate, not the Sam's Choice brand, and would you put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and then when it beeps, would you warm it for 30 seconds more? You can't just put it in for one minute because that would be single warm and I like it double. And would you then spread my blanket over me really flat with the plain side up so while I'm drinking my milk and reading my Bible, or a commentary on the Bible by Stott, or Spurgeon, or someone equally brilliant, I can rub the little circles on the back?"

Ok, he wouldn't really ask to read the Bible or a Bible commentary. He would ask to watch Jay Jay the Jetplane but a mom can dream, right?

I was pregnant for about three years straight so now, even thinking about Jay Jay, I feel like I have morning sickness. Pavlov was totally right about his dogs.

This morning, we put that little muncher on a bus with his 4th grade class for an overnight field trip to San Antonio.

He was pretty excited.

He has a little cold and before he left, I was bugging him to blow his nose. My sweet husband put his hands on my shoulders and said, "Mom, he's going on an overnight field trip out of town, I'm pretty sure he can figure out when to blow his nose. Freak."

After everyone was gone, I went upstairs, dug under his covers and found his blanket. It's the one my grandmother made for him when he was a baby. She quilted X's and O's all over the back for hugs and kisses. The O's are all worn from him rubbing them every morning when he was little while drinking his chocolate milk and it amazes me how quickly time has flown. It also breaks my heart.

On a side note, this is Graham's blanket. It would appear he is a little with his affections.

No matter how I tried to arrange it to take a picture, it still looked like entrails.

See what I mean?

Ya'll have a great day, I'm off to go try and find an episode of Jay Jay the Jetplane and watch it with my coffee.

Double half-and-half, double warm.


Casey said...

I hope he makes it without the blanket! Although, he might have left it rather than risk 4th grade humiliation. Might have been worse if he brought his brother's!

Candy said...

You failed to tell your reading audience that the field trip to Sea World in San Antonio entails sleeping with sharks! I'd say he's moved on from Jay Jay!
Know they will have some good fun.

emily said...

Totally was thinking about innards! I remember putting him to sleep with that blanket. :(

What did Liv say or want you to do when putting her down?

Traci@TotalMomsense said...

Well I cried a little on this one - what is with all the nostalgia lately- I can't seem to live in the present to save my life this week- everything is a reminder to when they were toddlers. It might have something to do with the medicine I'm taking and I have still not recovered from the crude joke at dinner the other night- but don't you just wish you could squash them back down to when they were toddling around and you were the center of their little world?

Paul and DeeDee said...

It totally looks like entrails....Jackson is only two and his monkey is disgusting I am afraid what it will be like in 5 years.....

happygeek said...

That blanket of graham's truly defies words.
Trust Tee has a super time.

Kim said...

Oh, these letting go moments are HARD. Loved this post. Brought back a few memories. I made a quilt for my son and he literally wore it out. I kinda think it must have looked like Graham's toward the end :-) He took it to college, even though it was in pretty bad shape and it finally disintegrated when he washed it -- guessing that it was just dirt holding it together before that.

Anonymous said...

Okay Melissa, I finally have to comment. Trey's comment reminds me of similar things John has told me through out milestones in our children's growing up. I am laughing in sympathy! Our mom's hearts break quite a bit as the little plants God has entrusted to our garden reach various stages of maturity--the journey is precious and a gift God has given us as parents!

Thanks for sharing your heart and your gift of humor!

Btw, Graham's blanket looks like one of my younger sister's special blankets growing up ... her's lasted the first 2 years of life before my mom stored it in her memory box. "Giggy" had a short life span.

Sherry O

Lisa said...

Before you know it you'll get the response I now get, " Sorry mom I couldn't hear you I was in the bathroom shaving." At our house it was Barney and a cow blankie and now shaving......sigh! I wouldn't trade it for the world!

I hope Queenie went to SA b/c EG won't make it a second with the sharks!

Misss you...L.

LoLa said...

Graham's blanket is might consider sewing it together. Somebody could get hurt! I loved that you called it entrails. That is exactly what it looks like. I enjoy your stories.

Sue said...

I think it's going to be a Looooong night for one Mama tonight ;-)

Hope Jay Jay has tons of fun on his trip and that you enjoy your evening as well ;-)

Angie said...

How sweet! Love your blog (have been stalking your blog for sometime).

Kim said...

Oh ... such a sweet post. Our oldest heads to DC for a 4 night stay in our nations capital w/ his 6th grade class and I will be a wreck! Wasn't I just rocking him to sleep? How did we get here so fast?

Andrea said...

Okay, this post makes me want to appreciate more my 4 1/2 year old and 17 month old children, instead of wishing they'd grow up already! Thanks for reminding me that every day is a gift from the Lord.