Monday, April 27, 2009


Trey and I felt like we were drawing some pretty hard lines regarding activities when our kids were little. We decided that, instead of signing them up for every sport or class available, each child could participate in only one activity a semester.

We were totally going to remain in control of our family's schedule.

Totally. Foot down. Totally.

Last weekend, it became clear that someone messed up somewhere. It's not that we let our kids do lots of things, it's just that we have a lot of children and one activity per child adds up-or multiplies or something like that.

I never was good at math.

This is how we spent our weekend...

Friend's birthday party number one.

Sadie made the earrings with lifesavers and wore them all day. At least until she got hungry and ate them. She also has on green eyeshadow. I didn't know you could still purchase green eyeshadow so you really do learn something everyday.

Next, opening season of West Dallas Baseball.

Pure awesomeness! The kids walking through the neighborhood in their uniforms, with their gloves and bats, is priceless. The whole community comes out to watch the games and it makes for really fun Friday nights in the hood.

The Boy Scouts come out each year to present the colors.

Olivia and Sadie are playing and are both the only girls on their team. It helps draw some crowd sympathy and loyalty, especially when Sadie, in her first game, was playing pitcher and as soon as the ball was hit, ran as fast as she could to third base. Why, we're not sure, but I'm positive it was just part of her plan to confuse and distract her opponent.

Here, Sadie joins with her T-ball team to strategize...about how long it will be until they get a snack.

Looks like one more season of juice boxes and goldfish.

I'm not really sure who this little boy is but every time I took a picture, he said, "Please take me a picture! Please take me a picture!", and I'm a sucker for cutiepieness.

Oh, and we also had soccer.

Action shot.

Right now, you're probably thinking to yourself, what about the whole 'only one sport per child per semester thing?'.

I'm gonna go ahead and plead the 5th.

Then we had birthday party number two and games numbers 3 and 4. Unfortunately, my camera's batteries were charging so I was unable to capture those on film. I'm sure my children who's activities for the day were not documented will only require limited therapy when they're older.

Finally, Dea and Darius had their mentor's engagement party.

Could someone please define "Cocktail Casual" for me in terms that will assist me when shopping for teenage boys?

They did look handsome, though.

And even though Dea will probably hate this picture, I love it. I can hear him laughing!

Here's a shot showing their more serious side. With Monkey. And his Dr. Pepper.

I'm just so glad it's Monday so we can relax a little. Whew!


hannahgarippa said...

Wow! Those boys do look handsome.
Darius looks smashing in pink.

Jill said...

I have to know what hilarious comment did you make that cracked him up...seriously.

Are you switching from Diet cokes to red bulls for the remaining spring season? Oh my!

Candy said...

OK! I was waiting for this post from the time I talked to you on Friday and you had 4 places to be at 7 that night.
The boys look great!! We do need to know what cracked Dea up.
Hope you're staying in on this great rainy day!!

Traci@TotalMomsense said...

We have that rule too- but with 3 kids it's almost impossible to have a weekend- I have NO idea how you're doing it with your crew. And the birthday parties- oh the birthday parties.

Casey said...

Now THAT is a busy day! And, yet another reminder of why I shouldn't have kids yet. I thought getting up before 10 constituted a busy Saturday. :)

Becca said...

I feel the same way about relaxing when it's monday! I am pretty sure we were home for 2 hours all weekend. . . . funny how things pile up so fast right?!

Jess said...

Sounds like a weekend with the Alexander kids! I never did get how Emily remembers which field the boys have games on...all the uniforms, which field the girls have games on...who is carpooling, who am I supposed to carpool? Issy played with Hill's socks at her first soccer game because I took her...or was that Avery?
You guys are amazing!

(Her instructions always helped too :)

These Three Kings said...

how fun!!!!
I love how you have just got your kids involved in your hood! that is great!! I pray in the future something will come up for the girls around here because I dont know how many more friday nights I can spend doing the 'stanky legg'

love you!!

emily said...

The boys look amazing and Sadie in that uniform just kills me. I heard after her run to third she gave a big hug to the coach. Way to go girl!!

Liv looks like a serious goalie too- must be the Hill genes..........oh, I kid.

Sue said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend. Can't imagine having lived it! lol

Have a great week :-)

thechickadeefeeder said...

What handsome young men, they look so fine! Isn't it amazing when little boys turn into handsome young men?