Friday, May 22, 2009

Better by the day.

Olivia didn't think it could get much better than crutches when she broke her foot last week. But, oh, was she wrong.

We had our appointment with the orthopedist this morning and he put her in a full on bigger than life CAST.

When I was little you chose between itchy and very itchy. She had about 25 different colors to choose from. That little bonus added about 45 minutes to our appointment time. It was actually ok because there are so many, many fun things to do in the waiting room of a dr.'s office that the time just flew by. I also love that it's like waiting patiently in a petri dish for ebola to take over our bodies.

In the end, she chose this.

"Because Uncle Bryan is fighting in the war. Every time I look at it, it will remind me to pray for him..."

"...Oh, and because the 4th of July is my half-birthday. Can we have a party? Let's talk about my party."

I think they may have put the cast on too tight.


emily said...

Can't wait to see that cool cast! I'm guessing she will be sitting out of the pool with me???

Zan said...

She is adorable and soooo deserves that party!

Caroline said...

Is it bad that I am kind of jealous? I always wanted to break my foot and have a cast...used to wrap my leg up in paper towels and have people sign it. Ok, too much info! Basically, I love the cast and the clown noses on your girls. Did you buy those for your party?

Henley on the Horn said...

Your fun just never ends, does it?! Happy MEMORIAL day!!

Sue said...

What a thoughtful little girl you have, using her cast to remember to pray for her Uncle. Very sweet!

Hope it's not too itchy for her in that hot weather you have down there!

Sumer said...

I never had anything so cool. What a sweet young girl to remember her uncle. Good job to mom!

Anonymous said...

Please tell 'Liv thanks so much! I hope her foot gets better soon. Love, B.

These Three Kings said...

what a cutie! awesome cast! i am praying for your brother as well!
happy Memorial day :)