Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Double digits.

My firstborn child crossed over this morning into the world of double digits.

Tee turned 10 with one request - Krispy Kreme for his class at lunch.

That would be reason number 1,232,564,644,430 why I love this child.

Oh, and a corn snake. I kinda liked the story with just the one request.

His daddy was thrilled beyond belief to oblige.

The snake came with these...

I found them in the freezer this morning, next to the Eggo Waffles. Do you know what those are? If you do, please pray for me. If you don't, I feel our relationship will only continue to grow if you allow me to keep you in the dark on a few things.


Another tradition we've learned in the 'hood is the "birthday dollar". When it's your birthday, you safety pin a dollar to your shirt and all day, people - friends or total strangers - will give you a dollar. Darius gave Tee his first of the day.

Then, at the end of the day, you walk over to Jan's and get some wings, or Big Red, or Hot Cheetos, or if you can stealthly lift a dollar off your child, some Milk Duds.

Happy Birthday, Buddy!


Bill said...

Bunty says: chip off the old block! Happy Birthday Teester. I hope your snake fairs better than your dads did many years ago.
I love you so much............:)

Sumer said...

You are such a cool mom ~ a snake, hmmm . . . pretty sure you are the coolest mom! Eat a couple of Krispies for me!

Jess said...

Happy bday T! I sure do know what those "pinkies" are all about. My little brother, Aaron, got a corn snake a while back and I have watched in disgust at several feedings. Gross. His snake's name is Mickey. Kind of ironic, don't you think? :)

Holli said...

Happy Birthday! Hope lots of peeps gve you dollars!

Traci said...

What is it with boys and snakes- G asked for one when he was 6- I told him I'd get him one when he went to college- I figured that would pretty much take care of my worry about girls being in his room. :) It's all in the planning...

Audrey said...

Oh yeah - pinkies in the freezer. I feel your pain ;)

I particularly love when they are being defrosted in a cup on the kitchen counter. Beautiful.

Cole said...

Next to your Eggo's?!?! EWWW....

Happy B-Day, T!

Candy said...

OK Tee!
So Nanny didn't have to buy you that snake after all!
Whew! Get your Dad to tell you the "Caleb in the front seat" story. He was lost and then he was found.
Happy Birthday Tee. We celebrate you.

Danni said...

Snakes aren't bad at all, Melissa. I promise!

And at least the pinkies are frozen instead of still living.
He could've asked for a red-tailed boa, which would require rabbits in the near future (and probably a garage to let it catch it's dinner).

Anonymous said...

I hope my kids never really become friends with your kids, or else, my kids might realize how uncool and mean I really am.

emily said...

Happy Birthday sweet buddy!! Can't believe you are 10.

Avery wants to know the name of the snake and I want to know if you have 1 less 4 legged pet?

Kelley and Robin said...

Happy Birthday Tee!!!!
Wow! Cool snake! I know about Pinkies because little Joey's room-mate at school thaws his out in their cereal bowls! One of the other moms freaked out thinking they were all going to get diseased so I think he may have his own thawing out bowl now! I hope! Glad you got your snake!
Love you,
Aunt Kelley

Sue said...

Oh I know what those are in your freezer! My nephews had corn snakes and my poor sister lived with LIVE mice in the house to feed the snakes!

Make sure you are WIDE awake before heading into your freezer for those waffles or you may get a BIG surprise! :-)

Happy Birthday to your Big 10 year old! How exciting!!

happygeek said...

The Birthday dollar! I totally forgot about that. My students did that in Texas. They really couldn't understand why I wouldn't pitch in for all 50 of them. On a private school teacher's salary. While putting someone through seminary. Yeah. I just don't get it either.
Happy Birthday Tee!

Jess said...

That's a good birthday tradition! I wonder what smart person thought that up??

How do you do it with the animals?!?! I thought I loved animals, but seriously, I couldn't do what you do!!

These Three Kings said...

dont you love the dollar on your clothes!!
HAppy BIRTHDAY T!!! thats great!!!

you and Delta with these boys..oh my!! LOL snakes!!!!???

hahaha I love it!

Lori said...

I know what pinkies are. We used to have a couple lizards that actually ate live pinkies once a week and superworms that had to be kept in the fridge. Good times.