Thursday, May 21, 2009

Give a man a fish...

The day we moved into the neighborhood, we met one of our favorite families across the street. Their kids were out playing and ours' joined right in. Because they're from Vietnam, and the parents don't speak a bit of English, we've communicated over the years through two things; the kids and food.

Mr. Nguyen loves Trey and often invites him over when he and his friends are celebrating a Vietnamese holiday or day off from work.

Our favorite memory was when Trey had joined the men for some dinner and were sitting on the floor around a steaming pot of something delicious but unknown drinking Heineken's, Mr. Nguyen's beer of choice. Trey couldn't communicate at all and so every so often, they would stop their conversation, turn to him in unison and yell "Cheers". They would all raise their beers in a toast and then go right back to their conversation. Eventually, they pulled out a Karaoke machine and began performing to various Vietnamese artists. After a while, they put on the only American song they had, and encouraged Trey to sing his heart "Oops, I did it again." by Brittany Spears.

Trey was dying but appreciated their friendship and their efforts to include him. He pulled Tee to his side and laughed his way through the whole song. They love him for it to this day.

Mr. Nguyen, along with Trey, loves him some fishing. The other day, he and his son went to a lake just north of here and brought home a catch and a half.

Trey walked across the street to admire the cooler full o' fish and Mr. Nguyen, who was already frying up the Striper, offered him some.

Now, the Nguyen's can cook and whenever they're making eggrolls or shrimp, we beg for some because it's so delicious so Trey of course said yes.

Mr. Nguyen sent over this. I think we were hoping it would be more of the fried variety.

For a fishing family who primarily practices catch and release, it had a little more scales and eyeballs than we were hoping for. I thought Dea and Darius were going to come out of their skin and Sadie and Olivia wanted to play with it.

I said no. Was that wrong?

Ya'll have a great day.



Candy said...

Maybe the next Hill pet could be a live Striper of the catch and non-release version, but alive!
Love ya, and love those kids!

happygeek said...

You know, that fish might look good in the bed of some child who forgets his/her chores.
You never know.