Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day.

Good Morning, Bryan.

We're praising the Lord this morning for your life, your family, and your unwavering service to our country. And we're remembering, with great respect and thanksgiving, your fellow SEALs who did not come home.

We love, love, love you!
Your Texas peeps.


pendy said...

This day means a great deal to those of us with military in the family. I'm thankful we do have a day set aside to remember.

Candy said...

Remembering you and all those with you, along with those who have gone before in service to our nation.
May God bless you and continue to bless America because of men and women like you who sacrifice for the rest of us.

With love and appreciation!

happygeek said...

The sacrifice is not forgotten.
We will remember.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Melissa -
Our nephew is just finishing up Seal training in San Diego. We're sending up prayers of safety for all -

Henley on the Horn said...

We are so thankful for Bryan's service. I thank anyone in the military when I see them in public. I want them to know I truly appreciate all that they do to protect our freedom. I also think their spouses are heroes too!