Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's definitely Spring here in Dallas and we're loving all the great sunshine, warm days, end of year soccer parties, end of year class parties, baseball games, basketball games, finals, wrap up meetings, launch meetings, etc. It's almost as if May read December's book on making Mom's life a walk down the exhaustion trail.

Piled on top of all of these events is Dea's upcoming graduation. I thought it would be years before I would be attending a Baccalaureate but we've found ourselves smack in the middle of the festivities.

That should adequately explain the lack of posting. On the bright side, I have months of things to write about. In the dog days of August, we may still be talking about the end of May - or how green Olivia's hair is from all the chlorine, either one.

First on the list of Senior activities was prom. Pinkston's prom was last weekend and I was heartbroken to be out of town. I would have given my right arm to help chaperone 'cause anyone who doesn't actually know me might totally believe I am a beacon of coordination. I've been working on my "Stanky Leg", my "Dougie", and my "Superman" all year and would have loved a chance to show them off. I can totally dance and my sweet, sweet moves might have won me Prom Queen all over again. Totally.

Or a swirlie in the bathroom toilet.

Dea went without a date. So did his best friend Charles. Let me just say right now that Dea and Charles have known each other since they were little, they're best friends. I'd never met the kid until about a week and a half ago which helps explain the whole, he's my cousin, she's my auntie, he's my brother thing. For Dea, a text or comment on MySpace every once in a while practically makes you family.

Two girls who were "ABSOLUTELY NOT THEIR DATES" drove in a separate car. They took pictures with the girls, ate dinner with the girls, and hung out with the girls. But they were, "NOT THEIR DATES." Mostly because Dea said they talk too much.

We worked hard on putting together Dea's suit and he felt as dashing as he looked.

Charles may have worked a little harder.

He had on a white suit with 'King Charles' airbrushed across the front. He had matching tangerine crocodile shoes and a crown design in the back of his hair.

He was pure understated elegance. Love it.


hannahgarippa said...

Lovey...that picture isn't loading and I just must see it.

My girls are going to their 8th grade prom on friday...it is a BIG DEAL...and I'm trying to figure out how to get in and chaperone....because like you I've been working on my moves too.

Danni said...

Goodness, that King Charles suit is AMAZING.

Dea looks great, too. In fact, I would venture to say he looks a bit better than Charles.

hannahgarippa said...

phew...I can see it now and that suit is dynomite.

Candy said...

King Charles rocks! Can you find a picture with the shoes? Dea is looking so fabulous! Would love to know which girl was definitely not HIS date.
Love you!

Lori said...

Wow. Would love to see the shoes also!

happygeek said...

That suit, really defies words.
Defies them.

Alissa said...

That pic is really making me dislike my parent's decision to send me to a conservative Baptist high school with no prom. I missed so much, like King Charles' Tux.

Becca said...

ooh my heavens. this totally just made my day. cracked me up! I chaperoned prom this year - but I usually let my hubby do all the dancing!