Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I wouldn't give for a dull moment.

The other night, Olivia, Tee, Graham, and some other child I did not know were doing their homework upstairs in the playroom.

I did know the other child, it was Sadie, and they were absolutely NOT doing their homework because then it would be called a homework room and how ridiculous would that be.

Homework room, please.

They called down for me to come watch their latest escapade. I'd hoped it was finding all the Lego pieces to the Star Wars Imperial Destroyer. Can't a girl dream? What they were actually doing was taking all the pillows off of the couch, stacking them up into a tall tower and hurdling over them.

Does anyone know right now where this is going?

Olivia went first...Run, Hurdle, Land, Crack, Scream.

I actually heard a crack - maybe a pop, or a snap to be more specific - and immediately knew we would be spending the rest of the night in the E.R. of Children's Hospital.

Always looking for that opportunity to learn something new, I payed very close attention to the goings-on in the E.R.

1. Always pack snacks. I actually saw a mom take a swig of milk out of her son's sippy cup. That's desperation if I ever saw it.

2. A family of four can consume 26 pixie stix over the course of 4 hours and still all fall asleep, sitting up in the waiting room chairs, despite the sugar.

3. A woman can get so bored in the E.R. waiting on an X-Ray that she'll count the number of Pixie Stix consumed by above family.

4. Said woman can also be so bored that she colors the dot-to-dot pictures in her daughter's coloring book - using shading and blending techniques so that the image "jumps off the page".

5. When the family that was sitting next to you is approached by a nurse, asked to move to a partitioned part of the waiting room, and put on paper masks, you will nonchalantly, but thoroughly bathe in hand sanitizer.

6. No matter how much pain a child is in because she did actually break a bone in her foot, when a nurse says the word "crutches", that child will beam from ear to ear.

Just like it's Christmas.


Danni said...

I have a strange and sudden urge to eat Rice Krispies...

Kim said...

oh girl ... i may have to borrow the title of this post ... i was right there with you just last week ... ER at local children's hospital w/ a broken wrist! Our old faithful tree swing was the cause of this injury. It was pretty clear to me after about 5 minutes that the ER of the Children's Hospital was not the placed to be during a swine flu pandemic. Hope she is comfortable and heals quickly!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Olivia! How long will she be on the crutches? Please let her know we will be praying for the Lord's quick and complete healing of the bone in her foot! Do you think she is game for a "race" with Matthew? [Just what you need huh?] Blessings, John, Sherry, Kaitlin, and Matthew

Traci said...

You know- I am thoroughly convinced that dull moments are no longer going to be a luxury I will enjoy. Seriously- was life like this when we were children- did my mother always feel like she was teetering on the verge of an aneurysm? Oh well- congrats on the crutches- I currently have one so pumped about getting braces that she's about to give herself a stroke!

emily said...

Poor Liv- so sorry to hear about that! Oh man- she likes trips to the ER. My kids will honestly be jealous of the crutches part though.

Henley on the Horn said...

Poor Mama!! Poor sweet Olivia!! I hope it heals quickly as she is on crutches just in time for summer fun. We can all relate to pondering if things like this will ever end!! Hang in there & go eat that box of Milk Duds you have hiding somewhere & swish them down with an ice cold Diet Coke!

Lori said...

Oh dear! Soooo sorry! Glad she was at least happy about the crutches!

Sue said...

Oh my goodness! At least you could find the humor in the situation... and write a fabulous post for all of us to read ;-)

Hope Olivia's foot heals quickly!

Becca said...

oh man - not sure how you're telling jokes about it. i get so bitter at all the WAITING that goes on in the ER! :-) cracked me up though!

Sumer said...

Great post! My son hugged the doctor's neck when she said cast. Go figure ~ these kids! Hope she gets better soon.

Heather said...

I am sure those crutches have not slowed Olivia down one bit. Hoping for quick healing & recovery!

Michelle said...

Oh my... are I guess the dull moment was when you counted the pixie stix, right?!?! We were in the ER ourselves Thurs afternoon, and my word, they BORING. You'd think they'd come up with something for people to do. Besides bathe in hand sanitizer.

Hope Olivia is back to jumping soon!

Jess said...

I remember thinking crutches were the coolest thing ever! I just hope she's off of them before they become miserable!

I've done the sippy cup thing.